Know about IVF and its advantages

Know about IVF and its advantages

Not every couple is a happy one with their own children biologically. Unfortunately, there are many, across the globe, that are not able to conceive a child, since any of the partner or perhaps both suffer from infertility issues. Modern medical science combined with low IVF with Donor Eggs Cost in India has proved to be a boon for couples in millions to experience its numerous benefits. 

What is IVF all about?

IVF is termed as In-vitro Fertilization and is considered to be a technique of assisted reproduction to serve couples experiencing issues with conceiving their own child, without any medical intervention. 

IVF procedure

This procedure requires special medication to be given to the female partner for stimulating the ovaries, thereby leading to more egg production. The eggs are then harvested surgically after they get ripened. The sperms are taken from the male partner and combined in the lab setting with the eggs. Then within the lab, the embryos are grown for about 3-5 days. The viable embryos get implanted within the woman’s uterus region. 

After a week, there is conducted a pregnancy test in the female partner. But for IVF to provide the desired results for a better pregnancy, more than a single cycle will be necessary. 

Benefits of availing IVF procedure

  • Women having blocked fallopian tubes can derive a better opportunity to get pregnant with this form of medical treatment. 
  • Infertility may be caused due to various issues. In the case of a few infertility issues, IVF may boost the chances to get pregnant. 
  • Men suffering from low sperm count may gain a lot from this procedure. 
  • Infertile couples are offered by this procedure with the choice to select donor eggs if the female partner faces issues with own eggs, which also includes premature ovarian failure. 
  • With embryos already created, the sperm does away with the need to identify its way to enter the female partner’s reproductive tract.
  • There are two options provided by this type of assisted reproduction, namely, it is possible to implant the embryo within the donor’s womb or the woman’s uterus. 
  • Sperms are used for surrogate IVF from the woman’s partner and eggs from donor to develop embryos in the lab setting. 
  • Physicians can test chromosomes present in the embryo prior to moving ahead with offering the IVF procedure. 
  • IVF comes with its own benefits to check the embryo or eggs for genetic abnormalities. 

Pregnancy is not guaranteed on performing the IVF procedure. However, it does boost the chances of the woman. This advanced medical procedure rather has become the preferred method to get pregnant for millions all over the world. 

A good, experienced, certified and knowledgeable physician in this domain can overcome numerous challenges that are generally faced when providing the treatment to ensure that success is achieved. But one has to understand that with passage of time and age, the chances to achieve success tends to decrease. The best time to avail this procedure is before the age of 35 to 40. Surprisingly there are reports of many women getting pregnant after getting this treatment, even after being on brink of menopause. However, this is not exactly the age that is recommended by the doctors. Younger women do have better chances to avail sure success of getting pregnant with the help of this procedure. 

Some moral and ethical debates are said to be in vogue surrounding IVF procedures. It includes fate of those additional embryos which are not placed within the woman’s uterus. Many tend to view the frozen embryos to be equivalent to that of unborn children. These embryos often are used to impregnate the woman, if IVF does not achieve success during the initial few attempts.

IVF with Donor Egg for Post Menopause in India is growing popular and is also surrounded by religious, moral and ethical debates. However, it has helped each and every couple who are not interested to adopt to have their very own biological child and be a proud parent.

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