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Knee Anatomy: Why Go for Knee Replacement Surgery?

With age, the knee cap tends to become weak and prone to get damaged and injured. There are also some diseases that may make this part of the body to become weak and not allow the person to move freely. He/she is likely to experience intense pain. At the same time, accidents may even cause issues to arise in the knee region, which may require immediate treatment. Consult gin the top doctors and surgeons, who are specialized in this particular fiend and associated with the best knee replacement hospital in India can help. 

About knee replacement

This surgical procedure is carried out to resurface the knee which has been damaged due to arthritis. Plastic and metal parts are said to be used in this particular procedure to cap both the bone ends forming the knee joint. The surgery is mainly recommended to those suffering from severe arthritis and experience intense pain, especially when sitting down, standing up, climbing stairs or not able to do the routine work that they used to perform before. 

Arthritis is of different types which may affect badly the knee joints. A degenerative joint ailment referred to as Osteoarthritis is said to affect older adults and the middle aged mostly. It is one of the major reasons for causing breakdown of adjacent knee bones and joint cartilage. The other causes noticed of knee damage are cited to be synovial membrane inflammation, which in turn causes stiffness in the affected region and extreme pain. The main objective for prescribing knee replacement surgery to patients is to have the knee joints to be resurfaced, which has got damaged. This surgery is usually considered if other methods of treatment are found to provide very little or no positive results. 

Knee anatomy

The joint is regarded to be the meeting place of two bones. Two long leg bones tend to form the knee and are held together with the help of tendons, ligaments and muscles. Moreover, each of the bones is covered with cartilage layers which protects the knee and helps to absorb shocks when running, climbing or walking. Tendons are considered to be tough cords belonging to the connective tissue which connects muscles to bones. Essentially, the ligaments are elastic tissue bands which connect bones with the other bones. Few such ligaments offer the knees with the much needed stability as well as complete protection to the joints. Others may limit motion of structure, such as the backward and forwards movement. 

The knee comprises of tibia, considered to be the largest bone present in the lower leg, patella – the knee cap and femur – the thigh bone. Besides this, it also comprises of ligaments, cartilage, tendon, meniscus (which acts like that of a shock absorber) and synovial membrane. 

Few reasons for recommending knee replacement

The top doctors at the Best Knee replacement hospital in India may suggest the patient to undergo knee replacement if deemed necessary and if she/he fulfils certain criteria. Moreover, knee replacement is only considered if other treatment forms are found to be ineffective. Few common treatment forms may include glucosamine, anti-inflammatory medications, limiting of painful activities, pain medications, cortisone injections given in knee joints along with other injections to add lubrication to knee joints for making movement to be felt less painful and physical therapy for quicker recovery. The patient’s weight is also taken into account. one treatment prescribed for overweight and obese people suffering from knee joint problems is weight loss therapy, as the body tends to place full weight on the knees when standing or performing other activities. 

How the surgery it is performed?

During the knee replacement surgery, the doctor is required to remove the knee joint’s damaged surfaces and to resurface it using prosthesis, made from plastic and metal. Cemented prosthesis is a common type used for artificial knees. No longer are the un-cemented ones used, since they are out-dated. The surgery usually needs the patient to stay in the hospital setting for few days or weeks as deemed fit by the doctor. But to ensure that the new knee is back into proper action, there will be required the constant attention of a good physical therapist. Also are suggested several exercises which should be practiced regularly.

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