IOS Hack Proof!!
IOS Hack Proof!!
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Apple creates a new path to secure iPhone hacks. This new method involved blocking of USB for performing hacks. The latest update had made hackers to find a new way to unlock iPhones.

IOS 12 Hack Proof!!

Tech giantΒ Apple has blocked iPhone hacking via USB. So hackers found a way to beat it.

Earlier where hackers used to hack locked IOS device through brute force and encryption bypasses. Now the time has changed. Apple is about to improve the security of iPhones. This can increase the trust levelsΒ of iDevices high.

With the news, Where apple announced that the new IOS 12 updateΒ can secure iPhones by using USB connection only for charging mode. Which means that USB port on the device only works for charging but not for data transferring.

Though the update is far away.Β The USB Restricted Mode found in iOS 12 beta. So now law enforcement and hackers need to research for new methods to unlock the device.

Finally restricting USB for only charging is one of the best move made by Apple. As these days data can be transferred wirelessly and even charging also.

IOS 12 Hack Proof

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