Internet Facts
Internet Facts
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Here we share few fats about the internet. So make sure to checkout the facts listed and do share them with your friends. Here with this Technology facts we share the most amazing and interesting facts about the great internet. 

Internet Facts: Is PewDiePie Hacking Subscribers ?

#1 Internet age 

The internet age was started in 1976 at a Beer Garden. Don Nielsen together with a team wanted to test out how to transfer messages from one computer to another. Later they send a message successfully with the help of a van installed with a computer. and the receiver computer was Six kilometre far from the source computer.

So all the radio message transferring systems/technology used in this modern age was invented back in 1976 at a beer garden.

#2 Things Connected To The Internet

We are all connected to each other on a medium of internet. But do you know that there are plethora other things connected with the internet. Yes, An tooth brush, Umbrella, Jackets, Socks and plethora more objects are being connected to the internet. The main reason behind this “Internet Of Things“.

#3 Google Employee Has No Dress Code

You might already imagine that how big is GOOGLE is. And you’ve already know that this tech giant owns millions of people working for it. But do you know that the employees working at GOOGLE has no Dress Code Rules.

There were cases in which few employees have attended Google’s Office Meetings in SuperHeroe’s Costumes.

#4 Ninja Earned 70 Crore INR in 2018

Richard Tyler Blevins is an internet figure and a gamer revealed his 2018 earnings as 70 Crore in Indian Currency. This money was made by him only streaming the game Fortnite. So you want to get into gaming and earn 10 million dollars per year? Share your taught’s in the comments section below.

#5 WhatsApp Wont Be Supported

This instant social messaging app is no more supported to few old versions of android. Few smartphones running OS Windows 8, BlackBerry 10, Google Android GingerBird and other below versions  of android. So if you hold one among these smartphones, Then make sure to upgrade your handset to enjoy this instant messaging service.

#6 PewDiePie Hacking Subscribers

There is a subscriber war among T-series and Pewdiepie on youtube. As the nations own channel many indian’s their land’s company T Series to be the worlds largest subscribed channel. And on the other side, Plethora fans of Felix (pewdiepie) are making huge online promotions to make Pewdiepie’s channel number one.

Recently it is out that plethora hackers are helping PewDiePie in maintaining the growth. As per few reports it is out that a plethora printers all across the globe were hacked and printed the text and images to subscribe pewdiepie on youtube.

In the end, These were a few internet facts of 2019 – January. Hope you learnt something new through this post. If so then make sure to share this article on you social walls and do not forget to share your impressions in the comments section below.

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