Buying New Car Tire

Important Questions to Ask Yourself before Buying New Car Tire

Either you are up for buying the new car tires or wondering whether you should have a new set of tires or not. In any of these two cases, there are a few important questions that you must ask yourself before heading to the dealership. So let’s dive in:

What type of Tire Should I Buy?

When it comes to type, there’re 5 most common options you can consider. For example Summer Tires, winter tires, all-season tires, truck tires and performance tires. The type of tires you are supposed to choose entirely depends upon the area you live and driving needs. If you live in an area that receives snow and wintery season almost 1/3rd or 2/3rd of the year, then winter tires are the best choice for you to get along with.

On the other side, all-season tires would be the best fit if you live in an area that receives all four seasons. Besides weather, also consider points like braking, handling, driving noise and rolling resistance etc.

How much tread do I have left?

Apart from the tire damage situation or overall age of the tire, it’s mostly about how much tread the current tires have when it comes to replacing the car tires. If you are wondering about your tire’s tread depth, here’s the best way out. Just try out the penny test. Just grab a penny and place it in the tread grooves. If most of the coin is out, the tread life is at its end. Consequently, it’s time for you to consider buying the new car tires. 

Should I buy in pairs or all four at once?

Usually, experts always recommend that you should buy car tires in the sets of four. But still, it depends totally on the situation of your vehicle. Keep in mind that all four tires should have a similar tread pattern and type. When you buy all four, you can easily figure out the wearing time of your car tire. Since they all were bought at the same time, they are more likely to have the same amount of wear within the same time span.

But some of you may not be financially sound enough to afford all four at once. Therefore, you can purchase only 2 at a time. When you buy the new tires in the set of 2, make sure that the new tires will be installed on the rear axle. 

What are my dimensions and vehicle type?

Always pick the correct size whenever you plan to buy car tyres online Dubai. Do you know the exact size of your car tire? If no, don’t worry about it. You can easily find it in the owner’s manual. In case you can’t find that for whatever reason, you’ll find it written on the sidewall of your current car tires. Just take your car to the dealership, they will read it from your car and give you the best and a suitable car tire.

Important Note: Never Mix & Match the different sizes and tire types.

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