IGTV - What Is It and How To Use It
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Instagram bought you a new feature IGTV, Where users can upload videos of length 10seconds – 1hour. So in order to get IGTV feature, All you need to do is update the app. But how the heck is this feature useful?

IGTV – What Is It and How To Use It?

Instagram launches a new feature IGTV. Where users can upload videos of length up to 1hour. This new feature now allows users to post long-length Vertical videos. The creators have also launched a separate app apart from featuring on Instagram

IGTV is available as an application and as one of the Instagram feature.

With default IGTV allows us to watch long length videos of our favorite creators on Instagram. On Instagram, You can find this feature in the top-right corner of the home. The icon looks like a TV vector with a line on it.

On the other hand, The standalone app default gets ‘s logged-in to the active Instagram account on the device. Once you open IGTV, It shows you the relevant content. The creators whom you follow on your Instagram account, Their IGTV videos are shown there.IGTV - What Is It and How To Use It?

IGTV – Instagram TV, allows users to upload videos of length up to 10minutes. And for verified users on instagram can have access to upload videos of length up to an hour. So, Normal users can have access to length on 10 minutes of vertical videos.

How To Setup Channel On IGTV

Upon jump into IGTV, Videos automatically start’s to play. For navigation, IGTV has Snapchat like navigation feature. So, IGTV has channels which were created by the users of Instagram. You’ve can also create a channel on IGTV.

Step1 Open the stand-alone IGTV app or on the Instagram app click on IGTV.IGTV - What Is It and How To Use It?

Step2 Click on the small gear icon to pop settings and there click on Create Channel.IGTV - What Is It and How To Use It?

Step3 Now an IGTV channel will be created with your Instagram id.IGTV - What Is It and How To Use It?

Step4 Once you have successfully created a channel now its time to post videos. In there click on symbol and choose videos which you want to upload.IGTV - What Is It and How To Use It?

Step5 Once you choose a video then enter the Title and Description for that video. You can even make this video available on Facebook Page also if you own a business account. Then click on post. Thants it, your video to IGTV get’s uploaded.IGTV - What Is It and How To Use It?

That’s it. This is how one can create channel on IGTV and post it. Watch my IGTV video used in this tutorial here id3ep. So you’ve can upload videos of limit up to 15seconds. And those verified account can upload up to one hour length from a computer.

Remember, All the videos on IGTV are available only in vertical form. Users can post high-quality vertical videos. This makes people get connected more and more. And make the addiction of using Instagram more and more.

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