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Are you still paying your cable and satellite connections for monthly bills as well as other utility bills? Then you should know a long time to say goodbye to them, cut your cords and start looking for some streaming options. As Hulu Premium, which is another competitor of Netflix, and is a great choice for Cord Cutter, who want to start using live streaming.

Hulu Premium Account is providing benefits for watching various TV shows and movies around the world. It has partnered with various major studios to provide user access to many great TV programs, series, movies around the world. So, for those who are looking for a premium account in 2018? We are sharing some effective tricks here, which can be used free of charge.

What is Hulu Premium Account?

In a game of digital video ownership, Hulu has made his place as a service provider for TV daily soap lovers. Meanwhile, Hulu Premium Account is a payment service that provides access to the great on-demand content of unlimited video and movies.

HULA Premium Account Features:

Hulu Premium Account is all set to provide amazing features for free 2018 customers and some of them are

  • Record option is available which has 50 hours of storage.
  • Reaching the same account with 2 devices at the same time.
  • Allows an optimization option that creates around 6 profiles that allow each member of the family to keep track of their personal favorites on the same account.

So, these are some of the features of the premium account that compels us to try it and look for it for free.

How To Get Hulu Premium Account Free:

So those who want to create a free HUJU account and are stuck there, they are not getting a free solution in 2018, then you should check the method provided by us in this post.

Free Premium Account Free 30 Days Without Credit Card (Paypal Method):

It is easy to provide 30-day trial for Hoolu Premium account and with this, you get access to all the premium benefits for a month. Can start from

  • Visit Hulu Official Website
  • Click Start Free Banner Banner at the top right of the screen.
  • Select a plan on the new window.
  • Hulu Account Fill all fields with free login password details or can log in directly using Facebook.
  • Provide all credit card details and click to submit.

After submitting, you are free to enjoy your 30-day trial benefit using a free credit card using the credit card. But, to avoid being charged, be sure to cancel the membership on the 29th day.

Get Hulu Premium Account Free Using Virtual Credit Cards:

Those who do not want to use a credit card or have no PayPal account, they can take advantage of the free 30-day trial benefits which can be used for free logins and use virtual credit cards. Any virtual card generator app from Play Store you can use virtual credit card Finally, using this virtual credit card, you can take advantage of the next 30 days without paying anything.

Hulu premium account using the “Edit this cookie” extension:

This is another great way to get a free premium account. The following steps are followed:

  • Open the Chrome browser.
  • Click the “Add to Chrome” option on the Extensions page.
  • Go to Account and hit the ‘Edit Cookie’ option.
  • Copy and paste this code by clicking on the check option.
  • Click the brown cookie option on Hulu and import it on next.
  • Paste the copied link and hit the check button.
  • After refreshing the current page, you are free to use Hulu for free and are ready for a great streaming experience.

Hulu Premium Account Username and Password 2019

Here we are giving some cool account login passwords that allow you to enjoy unlimited fun. So for all the entertainment lovers, we are sharing a list of free login and password of premium accounts.

All these free Hulu account usernames and passwords were tested and 100% are working. Please comment below for more queries and more information related to Hulu Free Account and Password.

How to get a virtual credit card?

So those who are thinking that how to generate virtual credit cards for using free accounts for free can follow this step.

  • Find on the Play Store for the Virtual Card Provider app.
  • Download and install the app.
  • Create an account using Facebook or Google +.
  • Click on ‘your virtual card’ to create it.
  • Generate a card using OTP or password.
  • Add a small amount of money to the card.

Using these simple steps, you are using a virtual credit card to create a free Hulu account.

How to Cancel Hulu Premium Account?

Hulu Premium Account

If your 1 month’s Hulu Premium Account Free Trial membership is almost finished and you are ready to end it to avoid the charge, you can cancel it by following these simple steps.

  • Visit Hulu and sign up for free Premium Hulu Account.
  • Click “Your Account”.
  • Click on the “Cancel my membership” option.
  • So you are, with the Hulu Premium account to cancel your subscription successfully.


Hulu aims to stand ahead of all other competitors, especially to TV Entertainment. For the user who wants to look at old films and shows, the HULU Premium Account is a great option that is not easily available everywhere. So all crazy TV lovers should not just wait, hold on to this great pursuit. These great tricks and tips mentioned above in this article can help you get free premium HULU accounts without spending any money.

By using these Hulu free accounts and passwords, you can avail full premium benefits for viewing comic shows, TV shows and movies anywhere and at any time. Feel free to comment on any information and questions related to this article, as well as comment on the following.



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