How TrueCaller Works? | CrowdSourcing – Explained
How TrueCaller Works CrowdSourcing - Explained
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With the help of this standalone application, You’ve can easily find admin of a specific mobile number. The apps helps users all across the world. Most of the users behind unknown numbers are being revealed by this application.

How TrueCaller Works? | CrowdSourcing – Explained

True Caller a magical app which shares the username of a specific telecom number. Upon an incoming or an outgoing call. Or on a search the app reveals the username. In simple terms, Known a User ID is revealed by this app.

Available for all the smartphone, Either Windows Phone or Android or iPhone. The apps makes it quite easier to find out the spam calls and messages too.

Truecaller: Caller ID, SMS, spam block & payments

Developed and maintained by a Swedish Company “True Software Scandinavia AB” holds website for truecaller. This webtool also lets users to look up at a phone number.

True Caller application on the android platform has crossed 100,000,000+ installs (Results By Google Play Store). With the latest updates, The app now features UPI transfers also. Which means that one can send money to bank and receive.

True Caller Features:

  • Powerful Dialer
  • Smart SMS app
  • Truecaller Pay – UPI Payments and recharges

    How TrueCaller Works? | CrowdSourcing – Explained
    How TrueCaller Works? | CrowdSourcing – Explained

How does True Caller work?

So the reasons behind are quite simple. For normal users (Non-Techie) this app is similar to magic. As it provides the list of users who’s contact isn’t saved. Apart from callers, True Caller list’s out all the spam calls and messages too.

The reason behind is CROUDSOURCING. In the same path how Google Maps works.

Croud source can be simply defined as Users Data. Which means all the data owed by you is shared among other users of the app or software.

Upon True Callers case, When a user installs the app all the contacts on the device gets synced to the servers of True Caller. Which means that the app is used by trillions of users across the globe.

This results huge data owned by the app. Whenever you get a call from an unknown number, Then the results from the server are revealed. As the servers contain almost every contact details.

So the caller ID might not be accurate. It is because most the your well-wishers might save your contact with their good wills. As some might save my contact number as Bro, Friend or Colleague.

So in most cases the contact names get’s synced and the most saved name is displayed.

How safe is True Caller

Truecaller can get your contact number under different paths. So what about your privacy? How do you get safe from true caller?

Individuals can easily Un-list their Identities from true caller, Then you can. All you need to do is go to Your Profile on the app and change all the details to fake.

So its not that with this above hack one can easily hide the information. As the database of this popular Caller ID detector holds information of Non-Smartphone users also.

As the app syncs all the contacts to its database.

How TrueCaller Works? | CrowdSourcing – Explained
How TrueCaller Works? | CrowdSourcing – Explained

In the this is how TrueCaller works under Croud Sourcing. Hope you found this post useful. And make sure to share your impressions on this post in the comments section below. Don’t forget to share – your friends will thank you.

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