How To Test That Android App Is Secure or Not
How To Test That Android App Is Secure or Not
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Want to test the security of an android too? Don’t worry, You need no programming skills nor any special operating system. A noob to an expert app developer can use this below mentioned method. 

How To Test That Android App Is Secure or Not

If you are one among them who develop, Publish their own coded android apps? Have you ever tested the security of your android app? or you are the one among them who want to easily check the security of an Android application before using it?

Then you’ve landed in the right place. Here we share with you the best tweak which through which you’ve can test the security of an Android application without any coding knowledge.

The main purpose of this guide is to make you aware of security testing. So the heck happens with most apps is that the developer leaves behind the bugs to make the app’s features work fine. This results in several vulnerabilities and makes a hacker to easily hack your device through the app.

With this tweak, One can easily test an android app without installing third-party tools or software. Follow the below steps to test the security of an Android application.

Step1 Go to CodifiedSecurity and create an account. Note that this site is a paid service. SO you need to subscribe to their plans to sign up.

How To Test That Android App Is Secure or Not

Features of CodifiedSecurity:

Self-serve security

Automated smart security 

Set your own static analysis engine rules

Professional security reports

Step2 Once you complete the signup process, Then log in to your account. Upon your login at the first time, You need to choose the test type. Which is either you need to test Android or IOS app.

Here you can find Backend option where you can scan backend codes on an app also. Then click on Android.

Step3 Upon the next page, you need to choose testing methodology. Choose either static or dynamic. 

So the heck happens in static testing methodology is that this testing method scan and reveals the vulnerabilities. On the other hand, In the dynamic testing methodology, the real-time vulnerability analysis is found out.

Step4 Then you need to upload the apk file or connect your app.

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This is How To Test That Android App Is Secure or Not. The site codifiedsecurity provides you more than you need. So make sure to test it up. Hope you found this post useful. And make sure to share your impressions on this post in the comments section below. Do follow our blog techFlout for more and more interesting tech guides. Don’t forget to share – your friends will thank you.

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