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Are you planning to start a business in mobile applications? In fact, you name anything, there is an app for that. Search any app store you will find plenty of options. It is a packed and competitive market for app business and not an easy one to break into. While it is a fact that anyone can build an app and bring it into the market, very few mobile application businesses turn profitable.

Since the launch of Smartphone, mobile apps have become the trending business. To get success in this field, you need to have a unique idea. And you don’t have to be an expert in app development. It is a business just like another; you have to work arduously to create a good app and you have to know about the potential market. In the UK, the most popular apps keep changing frequently.

Investment in Your App Business

Before you step into the app business industry, you need to be well prepared. Building a mobile app is not cheap these days, whether you develop it on your own or through other developers. The cost will vary according to the complexity of your app and development price can be high. Development charge vary also according to the platform. For a simple app on the Android platform, you need to pay 500 pounds.

There are development companies who charge more fees. Even if you don’t have any financial backup, there is no need to put loans off your idea. There are various choices to get money. If you need some start-up money to get your business off the ground then you can take 100% guaranteed loans from any online lenders in the UK.

The Development Phase

As discussed above you don’t have to be a skilled developer in order to make a mobile application to market, though it can reduce some cost if you develop it on your own. But whether you build the app yourself or with help from a developer, you need to put in plenty of times in the development phase. Two months to six months is the minimum time required to build an app.

If you are thinking to develop the app yourself then you have to consider the appropriate technology according to the platform on which you will launch your app. For example, if you want to launch your app on Apple store then you have built it using Cocoa, XCode, etc. You have to buy a platform-specific developer license.

If you are not a technical geek then coding and testing can be difficult. But you can leave that on developers. In any situation, don’t let coding and other stuff hold you back. Making an app is a combination of so many things. It is more than technical knowledge. You need a team of marketing and PR professionals. One of the most important factors in the app business is the ability to make a great team.

Which Platform to Use for Business

There are many platforms who are looking for developer’s attention such as Android, Windows, iPhone, Blackberry, etc. So, you should consider your option carefully. Many companies choose to launch their app on different platforms.

When it comes to pricing and revenue generation, the platforms take some percentage out of it. And this percentage depends on a particular platform. Android and Apple take 30% of sales revenue.

Whichever platform you decided to go on, you have to make sure that the app is free from any errors.

Pricing Strategy

Deciding how much you should charge for your app can be very difficult. Many companies find it hard to get the number even if they charge very less and many companies don’t charge at all because they just want to increase the number of downloads.

But you can adjust the price and monitor the people’s reaction through trial and error. Some of the apps available on the app store are free to download and developers are making money through advertisement. If you choose this way, when you put your app on the app store, the particular platform decides on the ads that will get displayed on your app.

Hence, if you too are thinking to start an app business then first you need to come up with a unique idea which is currently not available in the market. Proper planning and funding are very essential. Choose the technology and platform wisely. Always take reviews from users about their experience and if there is any error, try to rectify them soon.


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