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How to Spy on Teens with Android Spy App

The prevalence of mobile phones, internet and social media have made parenting more complex than it was a few decades back. Today, parents are not just required to provide their kids with the latest gadgets and mobile phone devices but they are also responsible to protect their kids from the menaces of these technologies. The studies indicate teens’ excessive social media use which reaches up to nine hours a day. The more they remain online, the more they are likely to become the victim of persecutors, molesters and scammers. 

Luckily, the technologists have developed Android spy app for parents to monitor the mobile phone use of teens. The surveillance app enables parents to read the instant messages of their kids and listen to their phone calls without taking their mobile phones into possession. Once the app is installed on the target phone, it lets you monitor and control that phone through the online control panel of the surveillance software. This article provides a complete guide to parents on how they can spy on their kids’ mobile phones with Android spy app.

Get started with the Right Android spy app

While there are myriad of mobile phone surveillance apps available in the spy market, you must be cautious while picking up an Android spy app. We have reviewed the top Android spy apps and can recommend you a reliable parental control and monitoring software for your teen’s phone. There are many reliable brands but if you are looking for an inexpensive and feature-rich monitoring solution OgyMogy is the best choice. It is a multi-platform Android spy app that is compatible with Android phones, and iPhone. Packed with hundreds of features, the Android spy app lets you spy on online and offline activities of your kids through an online account.

Features of Mobile Android spy app

We have rounded up here the core features of the monitoring software. From tracking of messaging and social media apps to remote control of the monitored device, there are several high-end features.

Spy on Messaging Apps

The surveillance app lets you read the messages of your kids right from the control panel. The app gets access to the one-on-one messages and group chats made via default messaging app and instant messengers.   

Spy on Social Media Apps

From the most popular Facebook and Snapchat to Instagram, Tinder, Kik, Tumblr, Hike, IMO, Zalo, Line, Vine, Viber, Telegram and Yahoo Messenger, the Android surveillance software tracks the social media apps installed on the monitored cell phone. You can monitor your kids’ direct messages, status updates, friends-list and shared media files. 

Spy on Browsing History

The surveillance software makes you aware of the internet activities of your kids by providing you access to the internet browsing history of their monitored phones. It shows the website URL, time and frequency of visiting the websites and searching information.


The surveillance software allows parents to monitor the online accounts of their children. It accesses the strokes applied to the keyboard of the monitored phone and provides usernames, passwords and email addresses of the accounts once operated on the monitored phone.

Call Recording

The Android spy app lets you listen to the phone calls of your kids without accessing their phones. It records the incoming and outgoing phone calls of teens and enables parents to listen and download these calls. Meanwhile, the Android spy app provides call logs to show the contact number of the callers and recipients. 

Spy on Media Files

The surveillance software gets access to the photos, videos, voice recordings and other media files stored on the monitored phone. Parents can see and download these files from the online control panel of the Android spy app.

Spy on Surroundings

The tracking app lets you turn on the camera and microphone of the monitored device. By turning on these tools, you can take photos; make videos and record voices hearable near the target device.  


The Android spy app lets you take screenshots of the target device to find out what your kids are doing on their phones in current or scheduled time.

The Bottom Line

OgyMogy cell phone spy software offers a variety of features to track the mobile phone use of teens and tweens. These high-end features enable parents to safeguard their kids from the threats prevalent in the digital world.

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