secure your WiFi network.

How to Secure Your WiFi – Fixing Your Network

Wireless networks also have made it even more comfortable than ever to access the Internet anywhere in your property. This allows multiple devices to connect to it without wires. This convenience comes at a price, though, it also suggests that other people could be getting your system.

If you’ve got a WiFi network in your home, then yfou genuinely need to do everything you can to secure it. This TechnoMono guide will highlight tips about the best wifi router and  How to Secure Your WiFi to protect WiFi.

Important Security Considerations for your WiFi Network

This guide will look at several ways you can secure your WiFi network. These include:

Why Should You Care?

  • All of the WiFi routers have built-in protection that’s relatively simple to set up.
  • This is because these kinds of security can be irritating.
  • Lots of people also don’t know why they should bother securing their wireless network.
  • There are quite a few reasons for this. Firstly other people could be getting your Internet connection at no cost. An unsecured WiFi connection could also allow people to use your Internet connection for prohibited purposes.
  • If your wireless network is not secured correctly, then it could also allow people access to your files as well as pictures.
  1. Establishing WEP or WPA

WEP, WPA, and WPA2 are different encryption standards used by wireless networks. All WiFi routers are capable of some encryption, and this prevents individuals from accessing information and connecting to the system without the ideal key.

Although encryption can appear to be a real hassle when you are establishing new devices on your system, it’s well worth persevering with. You will only have to enter the security keys once on every new device. After this, the apparatus will recall and continue to access the network as usual.

2. WPS

WiFi Protected Setup is a seemingly handy feature included in most modern routers.

This is supposed to make it a lot easier to use WPA encryption on your router. But, it is also quite insecure. It is much easier to guess a PIN compared to a complete encryption key.

It is highly advisable to turn off WPS in your router. This is allowed as standard on most new routers. It can be turned off easily by logging in to the admin panel of your router and making the changes.

The normal way of using WiFi networks is looking for and selecting the network. If you would like to secure WiFi afterward you can stop the router from broadcasting the SSID. This means that individuals will not understand your system really exists when scanning. To link it’s possible to manually enter the title of the router.

If you do not want to turn off broadcast SSID, then at least change the title of the router. This can make it even more challenging for people to identify the brand and model of router you’re using, and so it should be harder for them to detect vulnerabilities and alter settings.

3. Changing the IP address of your Router

Though not essential, it’s a good idea to change the IP address of your router to make it a bit more secure.

Most routers utilize both or

Consider changing this to something a bit more random, something which only you understand.

Although it isn’t difficult to scan and find the true IP of the router with the ideal access, it will slow down any undesirable access into the router.

4. Changing The Password

One important step that a lot of people don’t create is changing the admin password. It’s very easy to look up the default password for some brand of router. Additionally, it is easy to guess if the password is only”password” or”admin”. Make sure that this password is set to something secure to prevent undesirable access.

A secure password will indicate that even if someone has access to your network, they won’t be able to make modifications to your router.


You must learn to secure WiFi connections in your home correctly. A secure link will stop unwanted access to a network and will also keep your documents and personal data safe.

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