Protect Eyes this summer
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New Delhi- Scorching heat wave is spiraling in the city, with the temperature already hovering above 50 degrees Celsius. Official reports indicate a significant rise in comparison to previous years in the number of people falling ill due to heatstroke.

Since this season often arrives in a similar manner every year most are already aware of various precautions that are needed to be taken to battle the excruciating heat. Yet, there are still many who don’t take their eyes into the same consideration.

Eyes are amongst the most vital organs for every living being and their protection ought to be priorities even more in the summer season. The damage caused by ultraviolet rays is widely and commonly known. It not only can cause skin cancer but can also damage one’s retina amongst other diseases.  

Wearing headgear likes caps, scarfs and eye gear like UV protected- contact lenses, photochromic spectacles, and goggles are extremely beneficial. But, they are not a hundred percent solution.

According to Dr. Rahil Chaudhary, Ophthalmologist, and director at Eye7 Hospital, Lajpat Nagar, says, “The heat combined with pollution causes several allergies in one’s eyes. People often try to soothe the burning sensation with splashing cold water. This is a strict NO. Never ever do that. Splashing water dries the natural oils of the eyes thereby disturbing the natural balance, causing dry eyes. This gets worse when the patient rubs the eyes. For burning sensations and other allergic reactions one must visit their eye doctor for an eye checkup.”

Today’s society, in general, is leaning more and more towards an organic and healthy lifestyle. With aspects to taking eye medication too, they prefer to go more for natural remedies and other herbal eye drops. Dr. Rahil warns the patients for the same. “Most of the so-called Herbal medications don’t have proper research and their side effects are not listed. Eyes being sensitive can react differently and we have had more than a few cases that have actually gotten far worse with their usage. Please visit your eye doctor only to consult any problem related to eyes and not fall prey to cheap and non-natural false promising eye drops/ medications.

He also suggests that judicious intake of green and leafy vegetables, cucumbers, high water content fruits like coconut and watermelons provide a good supplement to not only good overall health but also aides in retaining good vision.   

So apart from ensuring that one should put on sunscreen on all exposed body parts, it would be wise to remember to adequately also shade eyes from the harsh glare of the sun. Prevention is better than cure, hence try and avoid going out when the sun is at its peak during the day. If you still do, pay attention to your overall health and especially eyes, cause everyone just has a pair for life. 


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