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A balcony is the major attraction of heightened buildings and apartments. Most people spend their time in these balcony to breathe volumes of oxygen and fresh air. But we breathe some polluted and toxins in the air. Plants give your balcony a decorative outlook and also help in breathing the fresh and filtered air. We have followed you some beautiful balcony garden ideas that help in furnishing the balcony with decorative pots and eco-friendly things.  It will help in changing the complete outlook of the balcony without any structural changes. Let’s show you how.

1. Amp Up With Woody Plants and Furniture

You can bring full nature’s vibe in the balcony by including eco-friendly pots and woody stems plants. Furnish your balcony with wooden pots, some masterpieces of wooden art. Use artificial green moss to cover the floor. Also, arrange two wooden tables or chair for sitting. Spray wooden color on the hanging pots. Use square garden planters which are reminiscent of traditional wood art. The latticed screens amp up the balcony. Cute metal bells hang on the screens looks perfect.

2. Decorate With Pottery and Statues

You can enhance the look of the balcony by decorating the balcony with pottery and statues. You can use so many potteries made from eco-friendly material. Bring the nature’s vibe by using eco-friendly clay or ceramic or terracotta sculptures to sit beside the plants. Use terracotta or earth-friendly pots nicely painted with divine designs on it. Use marble Buddha statue, some divine, and spiritual ceramic statues to call the aesthetic harmony and peace. Bring sunflower plant decorated in the glass vase.

3. Go the Zen path

The iron pot holders, some marble pebbles green faux lawns help to beautify balcony in a decent manner. You just need some artificial things just it. You can create a beautiful scene in a balcony using simple things. Wooden plank deck is decorated with faux green lawns. If you have a small space in the balcony this idea works. Use iron pot holders to hang your pots. Use watering can and birdhouse to spruce up your small balcony. And you get no idea of how to buy green moss or ceramic pots; you can rely on online gift shop to find the thing of choice.

4. Hanging Plant Boxes In Your Veranda Railing

Hanging planters saves the space and also look stunning when flooded with climbers. You can use hanging pots or designer iron pot holders to decorate the space with big pots. Climbers are useful plants for such small balconies. You can use bougainvillea, blue morning glory, star jasmine, money plants and so many other climbers you can use to decorate the plain walls. They are fast-growing with minimal care. Use some supporting structure like iron rods, some wooden stands, and some trellis to make your balcony look greener and nature-filled.

5. Arranging Pots & Planters

You can save so many spaces on the balcony by using this idea. Use a wooden or iron shelf to arrange pots and planters. It is true that you cannot modify the structure of the balcony. But you can use some wooden crates or shelves to decorate the pots and planters at one space. You can use horizontal, crescent wooden crates to give it a designer look.

6. Play With Colors

Use more and more flowering plants with subtle shades. You can add color into the balcony by using the painted pots. Use spray paints to paint them with a favorite color. Also, use some geometric or different shaped pots to give eye-pleasing effects. There are some annual flowers which continuously bloom during the entire year. So use types of annual flowering plants to add more color to your space. Use wooden vases and then fill in some faux flowers in it. It will complete the look of the balcony.

You can revamp the beauty of the balcony by order plants online. You can use wooden art, some stones statues, some metal sculpture to gleam up the balcony. Mostly use weather friendly materials to sit beside the plants. You can also use unwanted or unused wooden ladders, wooden crates, steel rods and other things to make up the balcony. You can sit, relax and spend quality time here by breathing fresh air in the balcony. The pleasing balcony site will always help in uplifting the spirit when you are tired and not feeling well.


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