How To Improve Productivity Via HR Software in India?
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If you are the decision maker of your company and looking to improve the overall productivity of your organization, then you need to take a step toward Automation process. If you will automate your hr operation via HR software then its definitely boost your productivity, as well as ROI(Return on Investment) also we suggest you to use E-office 360 for the automation of your company because this is one of finest HR software in India for Human Resource Management also it contains multiple modules to ease your work. In this article, we will inform you about the features and functionality of each module so you will understand the importance of HR software for your business.

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  • Recruitment Process
  • On-boarding
  • Time & Attendance Module
  • Payroll Module
  • Document Management System
  • Employees Performance module
  • Learning and Development
  • Location Tracking System
  • Asset Management System
  • Employees Engagement Tools

Recruitment Process

To Hire a Right talent for the organization is helpful also enhance productivity. If you are looking to hire a large number of candidate for the organization then automation process helps to reduce the time process, all of application can stored in one place due to data centralization, easily schedule interviews as well as update your requirements on many platforms, apart from above features the module has other functionalities to know more you can request a demo.

On-Boarding Process

Once you got the list of new joiners in this scenario, you need to engage them with company newsletters, functions, reward & recognition, as well as deliver the right information at the right time. The benefit of the automation process, you can send important forms and documents as soon as offer accepted and an automated onboarding process can save employees valuable time on the first day.

Β Time and Attendance Module

The Most Important and valuable module for any organization because it helps you to calculate the exact time of employees. Time & Attendance module shows actual productivity of employee because it has integration of others application biometric system, face-detection tools, etc. to calculate real-time data and total working hours. It will also help to maintain the timesheet of employees like, half-days, short leave, leave, etc.

Payroll Module

As payroll system plays a crucial part in the organization, and the automation of payroll module helps you to calculate the exact payroll of each employee after the all necessary deduction. The benefits of automation payroll module are that it will automatically calculate the attendance of employees through time and attendance module due to the integration in HR software and reduce the error of payroll.

Document Management System

The Automation of document system helps to keep your organization paperless. The document management system provides the security and access controls all document of the organization as well as the application, reduces the space storage, ability to access files and document anytime anywhere, etc. There are some other features of DMS modules like time cost efficiency, version control, integration of third-party API, etc.

Employees Performance Modules

To measure the performance of employees is necessary because the appraisal mechanism depends on employees performance. The management will set up the target on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly basis then management will decide the appraisal on target achievement. The Performance management system helps you to boost the productivity and sales of the overall organization as well as find the lower performing employees of the organization.

Learning & Development

Training is an important part of the organization to improve the productivity of employees. If your organization having low performing employees due to lack of product knowledge, so you can provide them individual training session this will help to improve the employee’s performance, addressing weakness, increase innovation of new strategies, reduce employees turnover, etc.

Location Tracking System

Employees location tracking helps to boost the work of the overall organization, employees are the core of the organization and the productivity and sales boost by employees so the management must aware about the employee’s location during the working hours. Employees tracking system is an advanced level of a system which tracks the employee’s location via GPS and informs you the exact location where they are.

Asset Management System

In the HR software, the asset management modules play an important role because it helps you to keep track of each asset which is distributed in the organization also it has integration of procurement management system as well as distribution management system. The application s complete task of the buying and purchasing task, with the help of procurement software you can purchase bulk products and distribution system, helps you to keep the track of every product of distributed in the organization.

If you want to know more about the functionality of HR software then you can Request A Free Demo of E-office 360, the software is developed under the well-experienced team to perform the specific task.


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