How to grow spices trade in India?

There’s no doubt that India is known as the abode of spices. India proudly possesses a long history of thousands of years, exchanging with the old civilisations of Romans, Greeks, Arabs and Chinese its most precious commodity i.e. spices. No wonder, certain Indian spices such as black pepper once used to be as expensive as diamonds in many European countries.  But even today, Indian spices are the most sought after commodity all over the world. Many MNCs involved in food processing industry having ISO certification procure original Indian spices only for their valued products.

And all this owes to the flawless aroma, tang, texture, savoury experience and restorative values of these Indian spices & condiments. India has the biggest household industry for spices on the whole planet. Generally, spices in India have been developed in little land property, with natural cultivating picking up noticeable quality as of late. India is the world’s biggest grower, processor, seller and exporter of the spices & condiments.

#1. Prospects with regard to exports and the key markets

Our nation creates around 75 of the 109 assortments of spices as recorded by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). This amounts for half of the worldwide trade of the spices. The distinguished manufacturers of Indian spices & condiments do have the ISO certification in India and are duly recognized by the ISO. So, there’s no doubt that the Indian traders and manufacturers of spices have tremendous scope for the export of their products all over the globe.

  1. Absolute spices send out from India remained at 1.08 billion kgs, esteemed at US$ 3.11 billion in the year 2017-18. Between Apr-Oct 2018 only, 621.98 kg of spices worth of US$ 1.84 billion has been sent out to rest of the world.
  2. Top 10 shippers of Indian spices between Apr-Oct 2018 were the US, China, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, Thailand, UK, UAE, Malaysia and Sri Lanka.
  3. During 2017-18, top 10 sent out spices and zest items as far as worth were Chili, Mint items, Spice Oils and Oleoresins, Cumin, Turmeric, Pepper, Curry powders/glue, Cardamom seeds, different spices (Tamarind, Asafoetida, and Cassia) and Garlic.

#2. Control of Indian trade in spices & condiments

The entire trade, as well as export of Indian spices & condiments, is overseen by the Spices Board of India. The Spices Board of India moves in the direction of the improvement and overall advancement of Indian spice.

#3. The function of the Spices Board of India

Here are some of the important Functions of Spices Board of India:

  1. It monitors the quality control and supervision of the Indian traders of spices & condiments. This is possible mainly by ensuring various standardizations for QC, such as the ISO certification.
  2. Spices Board of India registers the Indian exporters of spices, by assisting issuing them in procedures like Export Code registration, besides various licenses and testimonials for export.
  3. It archives exchange data and grants various contributions to the central government as regards the strategies involved.
  4. The Spices Board of India takes a keen interest in the significant universal fairs and orientation programmes to help Indian flavours progress, aside from arranging different residential occasions.

#4. Best ways for growing spice trade in India

So you want to go into the entirely different world for booming spice trade in India? Then you must choose a great marketplace where there’s huge footfall. Besides, there are certain important certifications that you require for a smooth trade in spices & condiments. Here are some of the key certifications in India for a booming spice trade:

FSSAI registration:

FSSAI registration aka food license is crucial if you are in the trade-in food industry. Wherever you manufacture or processor package or just distribute or store the food items. So, if you’re a dealer of pure spices, you definitely need FSSAI registration.

APEDA registration:

The APEDA registration is an essential prerequisite when the exporter’s wishes apply for certain financial support schemes given by the APEDA. Besides, an APEDA certificate is crucial for the export of scheduled agro products including spices & condiments, in order to gain special APEDA benefits.

FIEO registration:

The FIEO registration enables the exporters to acquire useful direction. it gives global experience from the Federation of Indian Export Organisations. FIEO registration will allow you as an exporter to involve in the various Export-Promotion Programmes such as seminars, workshops & certification courses.

ISO certification 22000:

ISO 22000 is the ISO certification for FSMS i.e. food safety management system. This standard for FSMS contains the guidelines for the policy of food safety management in an FBO. This standard is one of the kinds of quality management system standards for Food Business Organization.

ISO certification 22000 is a Food Safety benchmark which is prominent all around the globe. It touches all the key issues to ensure food safety in an FBO. Most of the food authorities refer to ISO 22000 as a primary obligation of the food business operators.

With that, you now completely know how to grow & develop your spice trade in India.

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