How to get GeM buyer registration?

Indian Government propelled straightforward e-Marketplace prominently known as GeM to enable little merchants and producers.

A business would then be able to get to the wide interface to offer its items and administrations to the recognized purchasers from Government part or PSUs, where there is a tremendous necessity for such supplies.

How to get GeM buyer registration?

#1. Log on to Gem portal

Primary User who has been already appropriately nominated by the GeM Competent Authority must Log on to the Gem portal (

  • New user must select the SIGN-UP button.
  • The Home Page of the GeM portal will appear.
  • Now, you have to navigate the GeM Website content on Home Page for better appreciation before Signing Up to GeM.

#2. GeM Registration of the Organization

Next, a fill-up form will appear, in which you need to-

  • Select the correct Organization Type, and the related Ministry or Department.
  • Now, Type Name of your Organization
  • Click on the CREATE ACCOUNT button – the Screen will then spread out
  • Here, all the Fields are compulsory to fill in.
  • Kindly read all the documents required before Signing Up.
  • Carefully do Spell-check of your Organization name.

#3. Create GeM login

Here you need to create your permanent User ID & Password for GeM login. Hence-

  • Enter your current official E-Mail ID.
  • Enter your Mobile Number that will be linked with GeM. OTP will be sent on this Mobile No.
  • Now do E-sign-up with the OTP received on your Mobile No.
  • Note that the user ID that has been created must be official in nature for all later uses.
  • Create a strong password that must be of minimum 8 characters with-
    1. one upper case,
    2. one special character
    3. one numeral character
  • Your GeM E-mail ID will now be created. This will be official in nature and will succeed with .gov or .nic extension preferably.
  • However, for other kinds of official ID, you need to take prior approval from the Directorate General Of Supplies & Goods (DGS&D) via mail.
  • Note that your Registered Mobile Number (RMN) provided must be linked with your Aadhar.

#4. Confirm GeM Buyer Registration

After the GeM E-mail ID is created, the Primary User (buyer) must now-

  • Log onto the GeM portal with his new Official E-Mail ID.
  • The Primary user must click on VERIFY button.
  • Now go to EMAIL link and click Confirm for complete verification of USER’s – E-Mail ID.
  • A Congratulatory message will now show up- “Congratulations! –You are onboard GeM.”

#5. Adding your organisational details

After logging on to the New GeM login, the Default Screen will appear. Here, the Primary User needs to carefully fill up all his Organization Details-

  • After Filling all the mandatory fields, then click on the SAVE button to confirm
  • This was a One-time effort for Creation of your Database.
  • So, Click on the SAVE button again in order to ensure that the process that was once completed is not duplicated.

#6. Payment to GeM department

The Primary User now has to make payment of the Government fee for his GeM registration as the buyer. For this, he has to-

  • Choose a suitable Payment mode which is being used in his Organization.
  • Now Click on the SAVE button to finally confirm the Payment mode.
  • Here are preferable Payment Methods are given on GeM:
  1. PFMS – which is linked with DDO
  2. SBI – for MOPS
  3. Others – are all offline Payment Modes

#7. Provide the bank account details

For all the future transactions, the Primary User or the buyer has to fill up his Bank Account Details such as-

  • Bank Account number
  • Bank Branch
  • Bank IFSC code

Now, you click on the SAVE button to confirm details. However, you need not provide the bank account details, in case you choose the PFMS payment mode – which is directly linked with DDO.

#8. GeM buyer Personal Info

As a new buyer having GeM registration, the Primary User has to fill up all his Personal Information such as-

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Occupation

Thereafter, Click on the SAVE button to confirm details

  • The details will be Populated involuntarily
  • These will be best utilized when any change is to be incorporated.

#9. Link Aadhaar with GeM registration

Primary User or the buyer has to link his GeM registration with his Aadhaar. For this, he has to provide the following details-

  • Aadhar Number
  • Aadhar linked Mobile No.
  • Enter the OTP generated & sent on Aadhar linked Mobile No.
  • This process is necessary to enter and confirm the Aadhar No.
  • Now, you click on the SAVE button to confirm User Account Details. Finally, the GeM registration is Aadhar-Linked…… so simple is that!

You can now fly high in the competitive market as a GeM registered buyer.

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