How To Evaluate Change Order Impacts to Handle Claim Issues

How To Evaluate Change Order Impacts to Handle Claim Issues

The change order is one of the most critical hurdles in the construction industry, which halts the progress of work. It also creates disputes among the landowners and contractors, who then have to deal with claim issues. Both of the parties can be equally involved in creating the issue, due to which they are unable to resolve it on their own and require expert opinion.

The construction industry is the busiest in the Gulf region due to the commencement of Dubai expo 2020. This highlights the need to make construction projects perfect. The pressure of perfection may motivate the involved parties to add or delete some tasks from the project. Research highlights that 47% of the change orders are initiated by owners, while the contractors initiate only 12%. 

The landowners may want to get the best work by changing the orders; however, it can delay the performance of the contractors. The contractors often take the help of construction claims consultants Dubai based companies and defend their stance on the change order claims. They utilize the expert opinion for their benefit and prove their efficient handling of the project. 

This article will shed light on the top ways of change order impact evaluation to handle claim issues. 

Top 4 Ways to Review Change Order Impacts to Deal with Claims

Change orders can be due to the addition or deletion of tasks and services from the contract. A landowner may want some changes in the project after working on it has started. He/she may not want to compromise on the quality or final look of the project. However, it will slow down or undermine the performance of the contractor and raise claim issues.

The following are some of the most important ways to review change order impacts to deal with claim issues.

  • Analyze Out of Sequence Work

One of the most important causes of change orders is out of sequence work. It means the conditions or tasks that are added to the project after finalizing the contract. In the claim issues, the contractor and landowners may not accept their fault in creating the scenario. The analysis of out of sequence work can identify the parties who initiated the change order and help in the resolution of the issue.

  • Evaluate Adverse Weather Conditions

The change order is not only caused by the foreseen scenarios, but also by unforeseen conditions. Adverse weather conditions play the most important role in halting the project and creating room for a change order. Although landowners or contractors are not responsible for such change orders, the evaluation of the weather conditions can help them identify the loss due to this issue.

  • Examine Interferences and Accelerations

Examining the interferences and accelerations in the construction project is an important way of reviewing change orders. During the process of construction, the involved parties may change the design of a specific section or order to complete the work in less than an already fixed time; it will impact the progress. Examining interferences and accelerations will highlight the role of parties and specific factors which influenced project completion.

  • Investigate Issues of Material Unavailability

Another important way of reviewing change order impacts is investigating the issue of material unavailability. Generally, the landowners have the responsibility of paying for the materials, which are arranged by contractors. When the material or even equipment is not supplied on time, the contractors will not be able to ensure the progress of the project according to the devised plan. 

Still not able to resolve your construction claims?

The above-mentioned ways are just some common solution for dealing with change order impacts. However, if you are unable to resolve the matter by implementing these ways, there is an advanced solution.  

You can acquire the services of construction claims consultants Dubai based companies and ensure to resolve your claims. You can also ensure to prove your stance through expert guidance and justify your contribution to the project. So, consult the experts now, instead of wasting your time and effort in resolving the situation on your own.

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