Decent Amazon Listing

How to Create a Decent Amazon Listing

If you are an Amazon seller, then you must strictly follow Amazon’s guidelines. The main part is your product listing which should be organized properly. A good Amazon listing will help you stay longer on Amazon. There are five things to keep in mind to create a good Amazon product listing. So, in this post, I am going to share those five necessary things which can make your product listing convert.

  1. Product title: While looking for an item on Amazon, it is the first thing that a buyer looks at. If it’s optimized and yet innovative enough, it will instantly describe Amazon, customers, and searchers what you’re offering. Amazon allows you to use 500 characters in the product title. Also, include possible keywords in the title, use dashes (-) or pipes (|) to split keywords. It increases readability and does not seem to be confusing.
  1. Product description: The description affects the customers directly. If a customer looks at your product description, he/she will be more likely to buy your product, but they are not yet sure. Different experts have different views when making a great summary. But what does one really need to create? A blend of both creativity and optimization can improve rankings and help you convert. Make sure that your product description is clear, concise, and explicitly describing what your product actually does. Try to convince consumers that your product will make a difference in their daily lives and why it is significant buying from you rather than from your competitors.
  1. Relevant keywords: It’s time to introduce some keywords once you have a draft of your product description. Keywords are target words in your listing that will be searched by a potential buyer while trying to make a purchase. As per the guidelines of the Amazon, it is important to include the appropriate keywords in the product listing. You have the standard keywords, but you need to add the more advanced ones that tend to talk about your product’s precise nature.
  1. Images: You will need some high quality, clear images to complement your listing to sell your product on Amazon. The images will need to be at least 1000 pixels on the short side to be approved by the Amazon site as it is necessary for the image’s zoom out and zoom in. At least 85 percent of the photo should be taken by the product and displayed on a plain white backdrop.  For each product listing, Amazon recommends that at least four images should be used. Also, make sure that you use the jpg file format.
  1. Category: Now that you have all the specifics of your product and a ‘ grasping ‘ description of the product, you should think about the category in which you will be selling your product. You will need to put your products in the same classification as similar best-selling products to get the best results. Check out the best-selling products similar to yours and then tap to see which categories and sub-categories are listed and then follow suit.

Conclusion: Please note that on its massive platform, Amazon is very strict about the sellers’ results. They assess the product listing by reviewing the most important keywords used in the name, description and other features of the product. Based on your most popular and searchable product name, they rate your listing.

An Amazon SEO Company can offer huge coverage of your Amazon product listing that you may never be able to afford with any other marketing platforms. Hiring an Amazon SEO professional should be seen as an asset in your online business, not as a business expense, but as a business strategy and an effective way to promote your Amazon listing.

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