How to Clear the PTE Exam
How to Clear the PTE Exam
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PTE refers to the Pearson Test of English and the PTE Academic is an English proficiency test whose marks can be used for those who would like to go for higher studies in different English speaking countries. If you are planning for overseas education in any of the English speaking countries, then you need to take up the PTE test and clear the exam with their recommended scores. The test is online and you just need to sit in-front of an internet enabled computer and take the test which lasts for 3 hours. It will check 4 main parameters such as reading, writing, listening and speaking. The test is not a cake walk, but if you prepare and work hard enough, then you can also clear PTE in the first attempt itself.

There are many coaching centers everywhere that provide a class on clearing the PTE test and a lot of students are getting enrolled into it. Apart from the classes, a good amount of ground work needs to be done from your side and that is what makes the difference. You need to prepare from your side using your own unique techniques and try your best to clear PTE exam in the first attempt. Not everyone are lucky enough to clear the PTE test in the first attempt, as some of them are not able to score the minimum cutoff score. So, it all depends upon your luck, hard work and dedication towards learning English, that determines your success in the PTE exam.

1) Watch English Channels and TV Shows

Whenever you get time, always try to watch English channels on your TV. There are various English programs likes shows, sports, movies, news etc that can really help you in knowing more about the language and will also help you in clearing PTE exam.

2) Always try to

This is a habit that you need to develop if you are serious about your PTE exam. You should start talking in English whenever you get an opportunity and this will ultimately help in improving your speaking skills.

3) Refer previous question papers

There are various previous question papers available and you can make use of them by referring them and practicing based on those question papers.

4) Talk with ex-students who have cleared the exam

Talking with former students who have cleared the exam will give you much confidence and also a better idea on how to crack the PTE exam in the first attempt.

5) Keep reading and learn new things

Accumulate English books and newspapers and you need to read it consistently and this will improve your reading skills and also helps you learn terms and language styles.

6) Practice more

Keep on practicing various things that can help in improving your English skills and it will also help in improving your level of confidence.


If the above points are followed properly, then you will not face too much difficulty in clearing your PTE exams and will only enhance and boost your confidence for the exam.



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