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How to avoid getting friend-zoned is an age-old question. Friendzone is a very popular term in the dating world. The word was invented by Joey Tribbiani from Friends, as believed by many people. According to him, Ross was the mayor of the friend zone.

Friend-zone means when a person is more into the other person but their feelings towards the first one are platonic. One wants more from the relationship but the other one doesn’t. All of us, who have been friend-zoned try our best to escape it but the trick is to not fall into it in the first place.

Here are some tips and tricks to avoid getting friend-zoned. Have a look:

How to avoid getting friend zoned

Always being there

One of the most important tips we can give you is that don’t always be there for her. We know you think if you are there for her in the difficult times then dances are she will understand and you might have a chance but that is rarely the case.

Always Helpful

We are not telling you to not help them, you should help people but if you always help them by going an extra mile then you must stop it right there, right now.

Always saying yes

To cancel plans, we know you are always dying to meet them but don’t be always available. Prioritize your tasks and if they ask you to sacrifice your work then learn to say NO.

Don’t be desperate

This point is of utmost importance. We often let our guard down and do things for people which we generally refrain from doing. Once you have made yourself clear regarding what you won’t don’t push it. Give them time and space.

Subtle with Flirt

Don’t flirt way too much that it gives them creeps, don’t flirt way too less that they don’t know what is going on in your head.

Big-small moments

Make them realize your importance and make them feel special by celebrating big-small moments with them. Like gifting them something which they have wanted for a long time or surprising them with their favorite novel collection.

Give hints about your intentions

Also, don’t keep them in the dark and tell them honestly how you feel for them. This will take the burden off you and give both of you a more clear picture.

Be unpredictable

Most people friend zone a person because they think they are too sweet and too predictable. Surprise them once in a while by being spontaneous. This might make them realize what they are missing by not being with you.

Don’t become her shoulder

Don’t give her the freedom to cry about her relationship problem. It sounds insensitive but it’s true. You will just be listening to their problems while watching them run behind the same person the next day. To avoid this drama be at a distance from the starting.

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Don’t be too submissive

Keep your self-respect intact by being self-aware and confident regarding what you believe in. Be strong enough to call a spade a spade. If you become submissive in the starting, chances are they will take this to be your basic nature.

After all these efforts and investment on your part in terms of time and emotions, she is still not interested then you must move on. It is difficult but will be in your favor in the long run.


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