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How to Approach Modern WordPress Website Development

Even though WordPress is the best way to launch the website and offers tons of benefits, it still has some mess in its legacy code. This issue gives a space for the third-party developers to cut corners in their own WordPress PHP code. However, it is an expensive approach in the long run for all the developers yet gives some trivial changes.

While facing many controversies, WordPress is still ahead in the competition. It remains popular among other platforms because of its powerful and easy to use CMS. As the industry grows, WordPress also develops a lot and starts to utilize modern development techniques. Developers always use popular WordPress themes and plugins. They never care about the themes and plugins, which have bad code because they follow legacy practices blindly.

Keep in mind that nothing is free in the world someone pays for the badly performed job. The same is applicable to the WordPress codebase because its maintainers usually pay with their time. In case of your own code, you get payment from your client. Many people think that cost of initial development is irrelevant when compared to the price of maintaining it. Therefore, think twice before going with any solution.

Workflow of the modern WordPress development

In modern WordPress Development Services, the quality code of the website should have following things. It is because the final result it delivers will be within your budget and gives you unlimited benefits.

  • Modular
  • Readable
  • Maintainable
  • Reusable

Development techniques of the modern WordPress site

To deliver the quality code, you should focus more on the development techniques as well as the best practices. Take a glance at the below section to know what you have to do to obtain the best quality code as per your modern WordPress site needs.

  • The first thing, which you should do whenever approaching the modern WordPress site is that putting it under version control.
  • Of course, it is extremely vital to access Git but at the same time, you should avoid exposing your Git repository because the chances of being hacked are high. Exposed .git folder pushes you into several problems and therefore you need to store your credentials properly in them.
  • Never do the development on the live sites because it is the reason for the downtime. You should use separate environment for development. For an ideal site, three development environments such as local, staging, and production are important to avoid collisions.
  • Besides, use advanced deployment options such as docker, automated testing, etc. Try to avoid the usage of global variables and utilize object-oriented programming.

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