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How Someone Can Avoid Sudden Heart Attack?

In the majority of times, heart attacks do begin slowly with some pain or mild discomfort only. However, it gives away some warning signs prior to their striking. Now, if you come across any of the below-mentioned symptoms, you must take quick action.

Signs Of A Heart Attack

  • While having a heart attack, you will feel a slight discomfort in your chest, particularly the center and it lasts for some minutes and this discomfort might feel similar to fullness, heaviness, pain, or squeezing.
  • You can also feel discomfort in your upper body parts, like back, neck, arms, stomach, or jaw. 
  • You can also experience shortness of breath and it might be accompanied with or without any discomfort in your chest.
  • Sometimes, people also witness uncommon sensations, like nausea, cold sweat, lightheadedness, dizziness, or vomiting. 

What Do You Need To Do?

  • Ask somebody to call an ambulance – If you have got people around you, then you must ask them not to leave you alone until EMS (emergency medical services) workers come. The EMS workers happen to be trained thoroughly for reviving people who experience heart attacks. They can also hospitalize you when the need arises. When you are in a kind of public space, like a library, store, school, or workplace, then you might get a defibrillator on hand. Defibrillators are found with some easy-to-use instructions and so, even a non-EMS worker would be able to revive you in this emergency condition.
  • Take aspirin – When you happen to be conscious still, then you need to take normal dosage of aspirin, which is 325 mg. This tablet works as an effective heart attack treatment as it slows down the ability of the blood to clot. At the time of a heart attack, this tablet slows the clotting of blood besides lessening blood clots’ size which might have developed.
  • Take nitroglycerin – When a person thinks that he is suffering from a heart attack and if he has been prescribed nitroglycerin earlier as heart attack treatment, then he needs to take it as per instructions. 

Changing Your Lifestyle

You must keep this in mind that your lifestyle does affect the health of your heart and so, the following steps can hugely help you in not only preventing but acting as a heart attack treatment:

  • Avert smoke – It is the most vital thing that you can do for improving the health of your heart. 
  • Control your cholesterol and blood pressure levels – When one suffers from both these problems, then he needs to monitor them regularly.
  • Exercise regularly – When you exercise regularly, then it helps in the proper functioning of your heart muscles. However, exercise need not be vigorous as walking 30 minutes daily for five days in one week can augment your health.
  • Eat a healthy diet – Trans fats cholesterol, and saturated fat in your diet are capable of narrowing arteries that lead to your heart. Again, too much salt too can raise the levels of your blood pressure. So, you need to eat a healthy diet which comprises lean proteins, like beans and fish, vegetables, whole grains, and lots of fruits.


Heart disease turns into the leading causes of death in every country and it also turns into a significant cause of disability. Some things can augment your chances for heart disease and they are recognized as risk factors. You can control some risk factors but some you can’t and so, you must learn about them for lowering your danger of heart attack.

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