Empowering Social Media

How Machine Learning is Empowering Social Media

Social media has been here for a long time. It’s been a long time and everyone is wondering how it has changed the whole screen. You can make thousands of friends around the world, get to know them, chat with them and many more. The advancement in technology, social media has improved a lot and is improving further. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms are using machine learning applications and artificial intelligence to provide a better user experience and additional functionality.

Machine learning is revolutionizing social media platforms. Machine learning is helping social media platforms to better understand user data. Along with machine learning deep learning algorithms are predicting trending topics and personalizing feeds for users. For example, Facebook’s face recognition system helps in the automatic tagging of images. In addition, Facebook’s recommendation system suggests people, pages, and feeds that interest them the most.

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Before we dive deeper into the topic, discuss what machine learning is.

Social media is not just about communicating with people. It has become a major hub for brands to connect with potential customers. More and more businesses are inclined towards social media platforms to engage with their target customers. Artificial intelligence applications are helping brands predict customer behavior, likes, dislikes, and likes. This makes their advertising campaign focused and more targeted.

What is machine learning?

Machine learning is a sub-branch of artificial intelligence that enhances the learning power of machines. Machines are fed with massive amounts of datasets that enable them to make decisions on their own without being explicitly programmed. Artificial intelligence machines require very little human intervention to achieve results.

Now, let us see how machine learning is empowering social media.

  • Facebook Facial Recognition: Facebook is one of those technology giants investing heavily in artificial intelligence. Facebook is making an image tagging easier for users. Machine learning algorithms have the ability to identify individuals with their faces. Computer vision technology incorporated with Artificial Intelligence has made the auto-tagging feature possible for users. This saves a lot of time for the users. Facebook is able to recommend the right advertising and shopping locations based on users’ past history.
  • Personalized Content: Artificial intelligence applications are helping to personalize content for every user. People share a lot of information on social media platforms. New trends, articles are always shining on social media platforms. Machine learning algorithms in the past provide the right content to the user based on their profile and activities.

This improves the user experience as the content of the user is served. This makes social media platforms more addictive and attractive. Brands and advertisers are also using social media platforms to leverage their sales.

  • Google DeepMind: Knowing the importance of artificial intelligence technology, Google acquired artificial intelligence startup DeepMind in January 2014. The combination of both technologies has the potential to improve search capability. This helps improve search results and serves the right content to the user. Google’s DeepMind was in the news recently when one of its programs overtook a human player in the Atari Games. Google is also investing heavily in major robotics companies.
  • Customer Support: Machine learning algorithms have helped improve customer engagement in social media using chatbots. You may have encountered with chatbots while using social media platforms. Chatbots are built using machine learning algorithms that have the ability to interact with humans. These on social media platforms are able to interact with services clients and answer clients’ questions. ItĀ also have a purpose or entertainment purpose and they engage visitors by interacting in a friendly manner.
  • Recommendation system: Social media platforms are leveraging the user experience by suggesting friends, articles, pages and public figures. These recommendations are based on previous discoveries. Demographic location, gender, comment, and customer following. Users no longer have to search for their friends, favorite pages and celebrities. Artificial intelligence applications are helping social media services to create recommendation systems.

The conclusion

Social media are becoming popular day by day. There are already billions of users on these platforms and every day more and more people are connecting through social media. Machine learning applications in social media have increased the popularity of social media

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