How future smartphones will look

How Future Smartphones Will Look

Smartphones of today have already been embraced as the all-in-one device. If you think about it, there are very few things your smartphone can’t do. From regulating home appliances to net banking and taking your work meetings, smartphones are absolutely essential to today’s lifestyle. However, there’s even more that smartphones will be able to accomplish in the coming future. Here are some new smartphone innovations we can expect to see in the next few years.

5G Connectivity

The next generation of mobile broadband is 5G that is already appearing in some flagship smartphone models of 2020. 5G smartphones are set to eventually replace today’s common 4G LTE devices. The difference with 5G smartphones is that you will have exponentially faster uploading and downloading of data. Latency, which is the time your device takes to communicate with any other wireless networks, is also drastically reduced with 5G smartphones. As 5G smartphones use more of the radio spectrum, more such devices can access the mobile internet simultaneously.

Better Wireless Charging

Almost all of the new smartphone models today come equipped with Qi or wireless charging. Even the best mobiles under 20,000 today come with wireless charging. With the introduction of Qi booster chargers, wireless charging is set to replace traditional chargers and people are more likely to embrace it. For those who use phone navigation when driving, wireless charger pads are available for cars now as well. Traditional power banks occupy a lot of space and the innovation of sleeker wireless pads to replace them also seems to be around the corner.

Folding Touchscreens

The flip-phone concept on a touchscreen is being embraced by many smartphone brands as the latest style statement for mobiles. The iconic clamshell Motorola Razr V3 from 2005 returned as a foldable touchscreen phone by Motorola in 2019. The Samsung Galaxy Fold, LG Bendi, and Huawei Mate X are just a few of the foldable touchscreen models we can expect to launch this year. More companies are likely to produce these modern foldable screens for lower costs than these current flagship models. 

Durable Screens 

It is extremely anxiety-provoking for many users that a simple fall can crack one’s smartphone’s screen and potentially render it unusable. To prevent this universal problem, today’s phones come equipped with the latest Gorilla Glass which passes multiple tests of putting the phone under physical strain. You can easily find extremely durable options from among the best mobiles under 20,000 or above. As we all know how much the price range will be extended the more often features you may enjoy. To overcome the burden on your pocket you may hands on emi mobile. In the near future, we can expect even bigger innovations than Gorilla Glass. Experts predict that future phones will likely be made of materials like sapphire, which are much tougher than gorilla glass, thereby magnifying their durability.

Varieties of Colors

With the future smartphones, you may have a more classic vibe within the default colors available right back. Think about the colors you were using for your smartphones 10 years ago, how many colors were there, selected, right? Black, White, Offwhite or grey. Only these were in option. Few years later phones started to serve you colors like Red, Green, Navy Blue, but don’t think so people much like these colors as these colors were not professional enough. Imagine you have a smartphone with transparent black with glass like material having LED light inside it. Imagine you may change the colors of the back screen for your phone with just changing the light the glass like material absorbing. Yes just wait ahead, future smartphones will serve you likewise colors that feel exciting to anyone excited. 


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