Hidden Facebook Tricks You Need to Know
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Here we brought you few hidden facebook tricks which might be helpful for you. These tricks mentioned below can help you save your mobile data and also makes you an expert. So here we dive into our list of best-hidden tricks for facebook.

Hidden Facebook Tricks You Need to Know

#1 Video AutoPlay

In most cases, videos on facebook autoplay’s which consumes loads of data and in few cases you won’t like specific categorized videos to be played automatically. Which raise in a situation to get embarrassed in front of your well-known.

So in order to turn video autoplay off, Go to > Options > App Settings > AutoPlay. In there, By default, It says “On Mobile Data and WI-FI Connections“, Now change this to “Never Autoplay Videos”. This simple tweak change makes video autoplay disable on facebook. Unless you’ve manually chosen a video to play, No video starts automatically.

Video AutoPlay
Image Source: HUH. Magazine

#2 Upload In High Definition

You might already aware of this tweak. Whenever you upload a photo to facebook through the app, It compresses the image and then uploads to facebook. This makes our picture look bold and unimpressive. So in order to get rid of this all you need to do is Go to > Options > App Settings > Turn On “Upload Photos In HD”. In the same sense turn-on Upload Videos In HD mode to share videos on facebook of its original quality.

Upload In High Definition
Image Source: coco

#3 Instant Post Notifications

Day to day the friend list of our facebook account rapidly grows up. So the heck happens here is that you’ve cannot watch-out few posts of our friends, parents etc This is due to suggestions, page feeds etc. So, to overcome this and to get instant notification of their uploads all you need to do is Go to > Settings > News Feed Preferences > See First.

Instant Post Notifications
Image Source: Kaspersky Lab

Here you will find all the fan pages and list of your friends. Just select the topmost important pages and people whose post’s and activities you wanna see first. This is how you can never miss checking your friends and favorite celeb posts at the top of your news feed.

#4 Notifications

In most situations, Whenever you’ve login to facebook we get a bunch of notifications regarding friend requests, messages, tagging or etc content. But in most cases, Most of the notifications we get are due to tagging. So Here we have another simple tweak to handle this too.


Go to > In-app Settings > Account Settings > Timeline and Tagging. In there you need to choose Review, Under which you need to turn on “Review tags people add to your posts before the tags appear on Facebook“. and in there turn on “Tag Review“.

This is how facebook allows us to handle inappropriate taggings and we can simply get rid of those annoying notifications. This simple tweak helps us to get rid of annoying posts to.

#5 Activity Log

The activity log is one of the best feature available on facebook which helps us to keep a track of all the stuff we do on this foremost popular social network. This simple tool helps you to have a look at your BF/GF’s activity on facebook. You can check their friend status, comments done, and etc stuff.

Activity Log
Image Source: PCWorld


#6 Account Security

In plethora cases, We leave our account logged in on many devices. If the situation demands we just leave our accounts logged in on our friends mobile or on our office desktops. So with the use of Facebook smartphone application, We can track all the logged-in activity too. Which means that through the facebook mobile application, One can easily log-out the account accessed on different devices.

Go to > Settings > Accounts > Security and Login. This shows you all the locations and time where your account is still actively logged on. Then choose the specific device by clicking on the 3-dots appeared on the right side and simply log-out from a specific device. This is how you can manage your login activity too.

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In the end, These were The Best Hidden Facebook Tricks You Need to Know.  Hope you found this post useful. And make sure to share your impressions on this post in the comments section below. Do follow our blog techFlout for more and more interesting tech guides. Don’t forget to share – your friends will thank you.


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