Healthy Skin care tips – What to do and what not to do to get Natural Glowing Skin

10 Plus and minus points for natural healthy glowing skin.

What to do –

Make sure to wash away your makeup before hitting the bed or after coming from any event at night. This is because makeup prevents the skin to breathe by blocking all the pores to pass excess oils which results in blemishes and blackheads. Another reason to remove makeup is that it will also helps in washing away all the dirts and impurities which are gathered on makeup layer. Do not try to use any natural makeup remover. Instead, you can use olive oil with cotton pad while gently massaging on face.

  • Use sunscreen to prevent from sun rays –

Harmful sun rays causes several damages to skin from de-moisturizing the skin to production of collagen causing dark skin. Use any sun protection cream of spf 30 like biotique skin whitening cream which will help to block both UVA and UVB rays. While buying any sun protection cream make sure to look for ‘non-comedogenic’ or ‘non-acnegenic’ on the labels of product as this will help in prevention of pores blocking.

  • Eat healthy balanced diet –

Always try to eat balanced diet, as this will reduce the chances of increasing infections and inflammations and will keep your body disease free. Try to eat more fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, right amount of macros. A diet rich in vitamin C and less in sugar will keep your skin healthy and free from any infections. This will maintain your blood sugar levels. 

  • Exercise daily –

Exercising daily helps to release toxins from our body through sweat. Exercise can be of any type whether strength training, resistance traning, cardio, yoga as this will also help in regulating blood circulation and you will notice your skin looks good after few days.

  • Have a quality sleep –

Having quality sleep is essential for our body to survive. Our body heals while sleeping. Our body gets shape while sleeping. From early morning to night our body gets tired and that is why it needs rest. If you don’t get enough rest at  least for 8 hours then your eyes and skin gets tired and skin becomes baggy.

  • Drink lots of water –

Water is the fundamental requirement for our body. About 70 percent of our body contains water. Drink atleast 8 glasses of water. Apart from these eat salad containing vegetables like cucumber, carrot, watermelon as these also contains maximum amount of water. According to an ayurvedic physician, Vasant lad, drinking water in blue colored bottle is good for health as it provides cooling effect.

  • Use ayurvedic products for glowing skin –

Ayurvedic products are safe to use because they contains natural herbs and has been used in ancient India for 5000 years ago. Biotique skin whitening cream is an ayurvedic cream which helps in skin whitening and glowing and reducing the skin darkness.

What not to do –

Don’t over exfoliate your skin –

Forget that exfoliation is mandatory. Never exfoliate your skin daily. Try at least once or twice a week to do this as this remove layers of dead skin which ultimately increases glowing and brightness of skin. You can also use a combination of walnut in powder form with yoghurt to exfoliate your skin. This is because walnuts has anti-oxidants which helps in removing dirt and promote radiant skin.

Don’t ignore sun screen cream any time –

Ignoring sun screen cream will not help your skin to prevent from harmful sun rays. Whether it’s a cloudy day or cold outside or even if you are looking to spend some time on beach, then also you will have to apply sun screen cream with SPF 30 at least.

Do not eat fried foods –

Eating spicy and fermented foods containing more added salts and sugars increases obesity which ultimately welcomes different diseases like diabetes, arthritis, etc.

Do not forget to moisturize and wash before going to sleep –

Forgetting washing face before going to sleep at night is a bad idea. It will allow accumulated dirt and impurities blocks the skin pores which leads to causing wrinkles, infections, inflammations and thus generating blackheads, whiteheads and hyper-pigmentation (skin darkness).

Do not ignore rose water –

Ignoring rose water is a bad idea. This is because rose water helps in preventing and reducing eye puffiness in the morning, also maintains the pH balance and keep hydrating skin for longer time even you can go in the sun after applying rose water.

Do not break pimples externally –

Popping pimples externally by own will lead in more swelling, redness and even scarring. When you get irritated or if the pimple itches a lot then clean the area with rose water and you can place a green tea bag for 10 minutes. This will provide you some relief. Also do not try to touch them because it will accumulate more infections from your hand on your face and thus making it worse.

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