3 Harmful Effects of Headphones and Earphones On Health
3 Harmful Effects of Headphones and Earphones On Health
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We use headphones or earphones regularly in our daily life. With the help of this simple gadget, We can listen to music and attend calls easily without distracting others. But with a wide variety of uses, This leads to several health problems too. Among those, Here we brought you 3 Harmful Effects of Headphones and Earphones On Health.

3 Harmful Effects of Headphones and Earphones On Health

#1 Hearing loss3 Harmful Effects of Headphones and Earphones On Health

Hearing loss in of the foremost common defect among those loud volume users. Whenever you’ve crossed a limit on increasing volume on our smartphone we often get a notice saying that “excessively high volume may damage hearing“.

Neglecting that we often head-on to the highest volumes. If this continues or continued regularly, Which means that upon the high use of loud volume under earphone causes you hearing loss within no time.

Only head-up volumes to high for not much time. And in regular use move up with low or medium volume and make yourself safeguarded from being hearing loss.

#2 Ear Infection Ear Infection 

We use, share earphone with our friends, relatives, siblings etc. At those situations due to the interaction of bacteria through the earbuds transfers from one another. This causes several kinds of ear infections.

The best precaution to be taken here is to clean the earbuds before use.

#3 Earache (Ear-Pain)

The moment when you use a specific earphone for a long time and thereby upon reuse our ears get pain. This is due to the design fault in most cases. So to get rid of this common issue all you need to do is just replace your default earphones with plastic budded earphones or with those headphones which covers the ear completely.

In the end, All you need to do is to not use earphones or headphones for a long time. Regular use of headphones addicts you to loudness and causes hearing loss. Another main practice to be done is to not use or share earphones or headphones from others. It is because the moment when you put on the earphones no air is passed through the ears and with the interaction of bacteria and sweat several infections arises.ear infection using headphones

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