Google Maps Vs Waze. Which One is Better
Google Maps Vs Waze. Which One is Better
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The emergence of high-end technology has made life easier and these days we depend too much on various technologies for the smooth functioning of our daily life activities. The mobile revolution, especially the smartphone revolution has changed everyone’s way of living. Route navigating apps are one of the major technological advancements through mobile phones that help us to find a way to a new place that we are visiting. When it comes to GPS based route navigation apps, Google Maps and Waze are two of the most important and better apps that can help us. Both have different advantages and it is really a tough task to determine which one is better, Google maps or Waze.

GPS based mobile phone navigation apps have become one of the core necessities of our day to day life and this is a scenario where Google Maps and Waze can play a major role. Both Waze and Google Maps are being used by different users for a wide range of navigational uses. It saves a lot of time and also helps you reach your destination in the best time-saving mode.

What is Google Maps and Waze

Google maps are one of the revolutionary products from Google and the Google map app really help us to find the way to a place which is unknown to us. You just need to enter your destination location and Google map app will guide you till there. It is also a voice based app and it keeps on telling you where to turn and where to take deviation, so that you do not need to always look into your smartphone screen.

Waze is also another popular route navigating app and has been as popular as Google maps. Waze also provides you with accurate route navigation and helps you reach the destination that you would like to go. Waze is a GPS based navigation app that is currently owned by Google. Waze was developed by an Israeli company named Waze Mobile and was acquired by Google in June 2013.

Both the apps are available for iOS and Android,and that too for free. But as per the users, even though they both serve the same purpose Google maps and Waze are suited for two different situations. Both Google Maps and Waze have their own advantages and disadvantages, and both serve different purposes.

Google Map is considered to be a standard navigation app and it is apt for those engaged in walking, driving, biking etc. Google Map has the characteristics of a traditional map and Β also helps you to see other places near your destination. So you will be able to get a better overview of the place or region surrounding your destination.

Waze actually behaves like a crowd powered social network and apart from providing direction, it also provides various types of community feedback. Alternate routes, accidents, traffic blocks etc can be alerted to the users much effectively with Waze. When compared with Google Map, Waze has a lot of social features that make it stand distinct.

Features and Characteristics of Google Maps

  • Offers directions for those engaged in driving, Β walking, biking, and using public mode of transportation
  • Voice navigation options for Β biking, driving and walking
  • Integrated with Google Street View
  • Integrated with Transportation network
  • Turn-by-turn directions details offered even during offline mode
  • Option to Add another stop between your final destination
  • Integrated with Google Assistant
  • Built-in Google search
  • Provides EV charging station locator
  • Lane designation Information
  • Easy to Find Parking Location
  • Location sharing on Real Time Basis
  • Integrated with Spotify
  • Navigation backlit changes
  • Other Offline functionality

Features and Characteristics of Waze

  • User Provided Live traffic reports
  • Voice navigation options
  • Let you know your current speed
  • Saves commonly used routes and time
  • Parking lot navigation
  • Rerouting information
  • Motorcycle mode
  • Traffic jam information
  • Police notifications
  • Integrated with Spotify
  • Supports Advertisements

By seeing the above information, one could get a fair idea of the difference between Google Maps and Waze. Some of the features of Google Maps are superior to that of Waze. At the same time, Waze also has features that are much ahead of Google Maps. So both are good in their own ways and are also somewhat unique. So a comparison between Google Maps and Waze is something that is difficult to do. Everyone has different choices and they can decide whether to choose Google Maps or Waze for their navigation needs.

It is the user’s necessity and requirement, which determines whether to use Google Maps or Waze for their daily activities. Both are effective, efficient and has many striking features that can make navigation easy and smooth. And each day, both Google Maps and Waze are coming up with new features and updates to make the apps more effective. You just need to keep on updating your Google Maps or Waze app regularly to avail the benefits of the latest updates and features.


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