PUBG Game Modding! Is Game Modding legal?
PUBG Game Modding! Is Game Modding legal?
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Do you mode a game? Else you like to install a third party app which can mode the gameplay. Here we share with you all about game modding and the history, act’s etc.

A mode also termed as modding is the customization made to software, games and applications of the virtual world. In the same sense, We modify old cars and bikes in our real life.Β 

The people who mode a game add more features and make their needed changes are known as modders. In this virtual world, modders customize an application, software or a game. Modding is widely spread in the gaming industry.Β 

PUBG Game Modding! Is Game Modding legal?

So, Comming to the actual point, Is modding a game legal?

The answers are quite different and are based on two different scenarions. If you mode a game and play it yourself, Then it can be considered under legal act.Β 

And on the other side if you mode a game and sell it then you might get into legal troubles. Its because the original game which you have is just a copy from the developers of the game. And you’ve have no rights to re-sell the copy. The gaming company owns the copyright of the game not we.

For the copy which you own provides you legal right to play the game. Which means that the copy of the game which you own is a license of the game.Β 

And recently there are many cases filed in india where Hackers of the game PUBG were arrested.Β 

This was because the company treated the hackers as they hacked the servers of the game. Which is completely illegal. So when you mod a game and play it on your local host, No one can identify. So you can be free from the policies of the gaming company.Β 

The risks are prone when you hack an online or multiplayer game. This is what currently happening with the online multiplayer game Player Unknown Battlegrounds.Β 

Which Games Can Be Modded Legally?

There are plethora online gaming communities where you can find games which can be modded legally. Which means that few gaming companies allows modders to mode their games and submit a mode copy to them. So that they can release and update with new and creative gaming features.

So just be aware that never mode an online game. All the multiplayer games which are connected to servers should not be modded. IF so you might get into legal acts under the privacy rules of that specific gaming company.

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In the end, Never try to hack a game. Be fair and win the gameplay under your own strategies. Games can improve your will power and decision making skills. Hope you found this post useful. Make sure to share your views on Game Modding in the comments section below and do share this post with your friends and well-wishers.


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