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With over millions of active users per day, PUBG mobile is breaking all the gaming records. The trend of playing pubg mobile is massively increasing. And with this increase results some errors in few device. Here in this post we share few tips to fix lag in PUBG Mobile gameplay.Β 

You landing on this post make me feel that you’re hardcore PUBG fan. So to make your gameplay smoother and have regular chicken dinners follow these below mentioned tips and hacks without failure.

How To FIX Lags In PUBG Mobile Game

Here i got-up few hacks which provided me a smoother gameplay. So these tweaks might/might not work on your device. But all i can assure that by following the below mentioned hacks might make your PUBG gameplay faster than before.

#1 Uninstall Apps Of No Use

Yes! this is the regular hack which is performed to fasten up a device or an operating system. Tough this is an old hack, But trust me this works fine to fix other laggy issues of the device or applications.

So make sure to uninstall thirdparty apps and other applications on your device which you have no use or those applications which you never use the most. This make the device OS run faster by freeing up the memory.

I know this might break your heart, To make your gameplay smoother and to increase your kills you have to do this. So break your heart with the applications and make love with your gameplay skills.

#2 GraphicsΒ 

For a better gaming experience most of us set the graphics rates to High. This make the game use more resources than available. SO make sure to set the game’s graphics to low as possible.

Know that you’ve aren’t gaming on a high-end device. You’ve gaming on a smartphone with limited resources. Keeping this in minds, Never set any application or game or videos to highest quality available. Always set the default settings to medium or low to get most out of the box.

Also make sure to set the Frame Rates to medium or low. For smoother gameplay, Research the best settings of your device. This can be simply done by adjusting the frame rates and graphic settings and check the performances.

#3 Keep an eye on Ping Rates

The downer the ping rate is, The faster the game runs. SO make sure to switch to a fastest WIFI network while you’re on a gameplay. If you have no access to wifi, Then switch to a fastest network connection within you mobile network.

The best ping rate you can get is at mornings. Try to play a game next morning and comment down the gameplay results. And if possible switch to a fastest network operator, If you often game with Mobile Data.

#4 Switch Your Smartphone

If you got rid of the laggy gameplays and confirm its the device’s fault, Then without overthinking switch to a best high-end smartphone available on your budget.Β Note that your gameplays can lag in any device due to plethora reasons. SO make sure to have your own research and get a new device.


Make sure to follow up with the above mentioned hacks. And do make sure to share your impressions on PUBG Mobile game in the comments section below. And also comment your PUBG gamer id so that i can connect with you for a gameplay. Here is the bonus tip below.

#5 Clear Cache Memory

Simply go ahead to settings > apps and in there clear all the data and cache of the each and every application running on the device. This provides a boost to your device memory. In the same sense it provides a boost for your PUBG MOBILE Gameplays also.



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