Features of 5G Technology Advantages of 5th Generation Technology
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5G a 100 times faster network than 4g. With a low latency rate and high response rate fifth generation network gonna change the shape of the internet. Here in this post, We share with you some features and uses of 5g technology.

“Features of 5G Technology | Advantages of 5th Generation Technology”

Expected to get introduced up to 2020, Below are few futuristic advantages with 5G.

Self-driving cars, Which might be yet under testing but they are not too late to get introduced. As the research and invention on it have been completely done, Due to the lack of high-speed internet they are yet not available.

But with put on with 5G technology these self-driving cars provide you the best comforts. It’s because these cars need to get each and every millisecond updates of the roads, map, traffic etc.

Advantages of 5th Generation Technology

With 5g network made this simple. The availability of 10 gigabits per second of data transfer rate makes self-driving cars get updated with routes and stuck-ins of roads.

In medical science and in emergency operations 5g can help doctors perform operations virtually. With the help of massive data transfer speed without ag, 5G makes operations simple.

Smart cities can be developed where all the work like traffic signaling system, Food preparation, health care centers, gym etc work with the help of robots connected together with the internet.  Smart City

5G makes broadcasting easier. With the availability of the 5g network, You’ve can stream videos in 4k, 5k resolutions. This is done all because of the high-speed connections and low lag which are the major features of this fantastic network.

This network includes a large amount of density where we can connect consumers in huge amount. This means that on a single connection of 5G plethora devices can be connected and use the network without delay in speed.

With hell bunch of features, This technology is still in research. Building a huge network where it needs to get served to people at convenient costs.

Though this technology is yet in research we can expect up to 2020.5G is sure to change the way we use the internet. let’s get ready for it and make sure to upgrade your device. Because the future is not too far.

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