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The worlds fastest internet speed is here.Β World’s Fastest Internet 160Tbps recalls the speed from the future. Here in this guide, We share all the information about the worlds fastest internet speed.

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Worlds fastest internet speed is 160Tbps. The reason behind this much speed is through a cable called as MAREA.Β The cable is located from the USA to Spain which was developed by Microsoft, Facebook, and Telxius.

Fastest Internet Ever – Speed Which You Never Heard About ???

Most people all across the globe think that NASA holds the highest internet speed (91Gbps). But it is now an older talk. Breaking all the records, A new cable has been developed between the United States and Spain.

Marea a new cable which supports internet speed up to a record level. Marea – Spanish for TIDE was a joint project by few tech giants like Microsoft, Facebook, and TelXius.Fastest Internet Ever - Speed Which You Never Heard About

The cable offers 160Tbps speed on each point of connection. This amount of speed offers 71million users to stream HD videos at a time. Making the worlds fastest communication cable, Its took onlyΒ two years to build it.

Length of the cable from the two points, That is from Virginia Beach, VA to Bilbao, Spain isΒ 4,100 miles.

On being the worlds fastest internet cable many of you might think about its size. But there a lot to reveal about its size. This cable is sized of a regular one. Yes, it is and carries the highest capacity.

Another major reason behind its size is Optical Technology. The cable is built with a plethora frequencies and with the application of amplifiers in between maintains the quality of the cable to a high standard.Fastest Internet Ever - Speed Which You Never Heard About ???

Marea is designed in a special path that it is resistant to the hurricane. As we already know plethora cables through sea beds connect the internet all across countries and continents.

Most of these cables under a seabed get disturbed by the atmospheric changes. But the officials have confirmed that marea is completely out from these dangers.


All these developments around us are making a rapid growth in technology. But these cables are not meant to provide huge bandwidth for households. Yes, You’ve cant enjoy the speed of marea.

The main reason behind these projects is to improve the server response time of these tech giants. This is the way how these tech companies handle huge traffic on their websites and servers.

With the improvements in the Optical technology, There will a huge demand for Marea cables on application with Fifth generation (5G) technology. Where internet cables need to hold a huge amount of data.

While talking about households and common internet consumers. New and high-end devices have a need. In order to handle more than a normal internet speed, Our smartphones and other devices need to be capable of encoding and decoding huge data.

So its sure that the futuristic technologies are not too far from the present generation.Β Hope you found this post useful. And make sure to share your impressions on this post in the comments section below. Do follow our blog techFlout for more and more interesting tech guides. Don’t forget to share – your friends will thank you.

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