Fast Charging
Fast Charging
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Fast charging: in mobiles is not a mystery. You’ve already known how quick charging works. Here I dint meant the backend process, But what I meant was the steps. We watch plethora ads where celebrities put their mobiles on charge for 5-10 minutes and say that they enjoy the best battery performance.

Fast Charging Explained! How Does It Work?

Basically, All the mobile batteries are manufactured rechargeable. These devices are blocked up toΒ certain limits where the batteries can be charged safely without blowing up. In general, A mobile device has limit up toΒ 5Watts. This makes the charging process too slow.

The heck happens here in quick charge mode‘s is that The device/smartphone is manufactured under advance circuits making the devices hold more watts of current. Which means that the device can charge 2X faster by intaking more current than the limit.

But the problem here is HEATING Of Smartphone. With the intake of more amount of current and charging the battery faster make the device overclocked and heated up. You might think that, If you bought a fast charger then you can charge your regular mobile/tablet faster. But it’s not the legit process.

It is because these fast chargers send more amountΒ of current than required by the device. So make sure that your device supports fast charging before you’ve to use fast chargers or fast charge USB cables.Β 

How Does Fast Charging Works?

It’s not that you plugged the charger in and the device gets charged up faster. The working of fast charging mode is quite different than what we think. It works faster when the device has low battery charge left and works slower when the device has battery percent above 65%.

Warp Charging From One plus

The warp charging technology introduced by the mobile manufacturing company One Plus is faster than Fast charging mode. This science friction word WARP means faster than faster, which can be expected instantly. This technology works faster than fast-charging says reports.

Β The technology here is ultimate. You might think that if the mobile gets instant charge then the device gets too hot. But the problem of heat is resolved by replacing the circuits which charge the battery into the charger. So this makes the charger hot but not your smartphone.

So all the circuits and other mechanisms of charging the battery will be built into the charger. This makes the device free from heat whenever we charge the device. As the charger gets heated.

Finally, This was all about Fast Charging and Warp Charging. Hope you learned something interesting through this post. Do share your views in the comments section below. And do not forget to share this post on your social wall.

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