Tencent Failed To Start PUBG Emulator Error Code FIXED!
Tencent Failed To Start PUBG Emulator Error Code FIXED!
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With the help of Tencent’s Gaming Buddy, Users can play Player Unknown Battle Grounds on a computer. You’ve can enjoy the best graphics with the faster gameplay. PUBG emulators help gamers to play the game on a low-end computer utilizing low graphics and other resources.

Due to some external distractions, your emulator might prone to problems and shows “Error Code“. So don’tΒ get worried about it. Here in this post, we got a simple solution to fix these error codes and help you get back the gaming buddy to its normal state.

Tencent: Failed To Start PUBG Emulator || Error Code FIXED!

Now that there are different error codes which raise due to different problems. Here in this quick guide, I will be sharing about Error Code 5 and Error Code 3. As these were the basic problems at our side and somehow we managed to figure out the fixe to these errors.

Tencent: Error Code 3

The error code is basically occurred due to force exit of the emulator. In our cases, I used to force exit the emulator whenever I lose a match. And I most cases I used to use Windows Task Maged to End Emulator process. This made the emulator to prone into Error Code 3.

So the fix which I found was as follows. First things first, All I made was cleared the inbuilt CACHE of the emulator. So simply turn on the emulator and clear the cache completely. Then start and end the emulator for few repetitions.Β There you go, Under 2nd or 3rd repetition, the gaming buddy gets to normal. Make sure that your internet connection is Turned ON and Active.Tencent Failed To Start PUBG Emulator Error Code FIXED!

Tencent: Error Code 5

Now that there are plethora hacks mentioned on other internet portals to resolve Error Code 5. But most of them include privacy risks of your windows machine. Here we have identified a simple solution for error code 6. In our research, we found that people who are using a pirated copy of windows or an Unactivated version this error popups.

So all you need to do is to join a windows insider program and make your copy of windows operating system genuine. After you get a genuine copy of windows the emulator gets to its normal state and start working. So go ahead and get-off the version of windows which are currently on and upgrade it.

Wrapping up, These were the solutions which I’ve figured. Hope you found this post useful. Make sure to share your views in the comments section below and do not forget to share this post on your social profile and help others to get the TGB emulator errors fixed.

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