Facebook Gets Ready To Launch Its Own Cryptocurrency
Facebook Gets Ready To Launch Its Own Cryptocurrency
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Social Network Giant *faceBook* is soon to get its own cryptocurrency. If this gets succeeded then it sure to become a blazing change in the crypto industry. This worlds biggest social giant’s upcoming “faceBook Coin” might bring good value to the cryptocurrencies, say, experts.

It is reportedly out that Facebook might bring its own cryptocurrency/virtual coin in early 2019. Reports from the “New York Time” confirms that Facebook has made few deals with existing crypto exchanges to get their own one into the markets.

*Facebook Coin* New Crypto Currency Under Construction

With around 2.7+ billion active users, Facebook is the worlds most popular social networking platform. This widely exposed audience creates a market to market to capture the inverters of Crypto.

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With its own instant messaging network like messenger and it’s own second largest social platform Instagram can promote their own cryptocurrency. Apart from these two networks, There are a plethora of other networks and social platforms owned by faceBook and the investors to promote their crypto coin.

faceBook Coin’s Control Issue?

It is a known fact that most nations out there have centralized the use of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In the same path plethora, Asian countries have made a ban on cryptocurrencies. Centralization might become a major issue for facebook.

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Facebook’s blockchain technology is massively growing day-by-day. By hiring the experts of blockchain technology and making new strategies, algorithms and developments in the concepts of blockchain make facebook coin grow faster legally/illegally.

The impact with the bring of facebooks own cryptocurrency seems to be massive either positively or negatively. Keeping all the assumptions and predictions aside, It seems not the right time to get a new cryptocurrency into the market.

As there are a plethora of new coins which were bought into the markets with utmost strategies and impressions but 99percent of them failed to attract the investors. What is your prediction on facebook’s crypto coin plan? Share them in the comments section below.



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