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Are you about to buy a memory card for your smartphone or for a camera? Then here is Everything You Need to Know About Memory Cards. Make sure to go through this entire article before you buy an SD or Memory card. 

“Everything You Need to Know About Memory Cards”

Most of use the cards which we get the first purchase of our smartphones or camera. Then after to increase the space or to replace a corrupted card we move to buy a new card. And am sure that most of us never bother with the type of company which you purchase. Though few might move with some famous brands, Most of us only bother about the price range.

You’ve only bother about price range and most don’t. But have you ever known that the transfer speed of the memory card is completely based on its quality? No right? there are plethora other factors which you’ve need to consider before purchasing a memory card.

All you need to know is the type of class, amount of speed it can transfer data and about its class type. Then after you need to consider the type of memory or Sd card that can work fine on your camera or smartphone.

SD Card Type

The first thing to consider is its type. Though this completely depends upon the amount of storage you choose. But is the foremost important point to be considered before you’ve purchased a memory card.

There are three standards of memory cards. They are SDSC (Secure Digital Standard Capacity), SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity), SDXC (Secure Digital Extended Capacity).SD Card Type

SD Card Class

Either you purchase a memory card for your smartphone or camera or any other device, Its class plays an important role in making it compatible with your device. The price of the sd card in completely based on the class of the card. The higher the class number on a memory card the high its price range.

A memory card’s class denotes the transfer speed. Which means when you transfer data from your computer to the card, The speed which the data is being transferred is completely based on the type of class of the memory card. So make sure to move with the high number classed memory card to get high data transfer speed.Sd card class speed

In simple words, The number on the memory card tells you the amount of transfer speed in MegaBytes. Where class 2 refers to 2 MB per second. Then after the UHS classed are of two types, UHS 1 and 3 with data transfer speeds around 30-50MB per second.

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Many of getting confused to move with a specific memory card for a smartphone or with a camera. Most get confused with the type of class for smartphones or DSLR. For a smartphone where you use a memory card to store photos and other files, You can move to Class 2. For those who record videos in HD then you need to move with Class 4 or 6. And if your smartphone is capable to record Full HD or 4K then you need to use Class 10 memory cards for an robust performance.

And for your DSLR you need to use Cass 10 memory cards.

These were few tweaks which one must know if he or she uses a memory card. And this is all about Everything You Need to Know About. Hope you found this post useful. And make sure to share your impressions on this post in the comments section below. Do follow our blog techFlout for more and more interesting tech guides. Don’t forget to share – your friends will thank you.

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