Entire List Of Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts
Entire List Of Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts
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Here we brought you the entire list of Windows 10 shortcut keys. These shortcut keys help you manage your task robustly. So to be master, You need to run tasks in an easy manner. Here is the full list of keyboard shortcuts.

Entire List Of Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts

Are you up to IT? or Else you wanna be a mater in computers? Before you get into any computer field, All you need to do is to be a computer nerd or a geek. So you need to learn the basics of windows alongside its shortcut keys.

You’ve perform a plethora of tasks on windows 10 machine using multiple mouse clicks. But what if they could be solved using keyboard itself?

Though it’s not too respite to hear, Trust me once you get into am sure that you get addicted using the keyboard more and more. For those who use shortcuts for MSOffice or any other software, Then it’s you the one who knows its value. As they make process done faster without placing hands on mouse or pointer device.

“Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts”

With the help of shortcut keys, One can perform tasks and can manage the processes easily. Which makes you a pro in computers. So with default, Most of you might be using windows 10. So here we brought you the entire list of Windows 10 operating system‘s keyboard shortcuts.

Shortcuts using Windows  key

Windows Button 

With the default, In all the versions of windows, WINDOWS on a keyboard helps us to Open and Close Start menu. As most of you might already know this shortcut, It’s my duty to make you remember once again.


To switch to a virtual desktop, You need to use this shortcut. Another way to use this shortcut is done by Alt + Tab. If you use multi-screens, Either two or more screens, Thes this shortcut helps you switch between screens.

WIN  + X

This shortcut, WINDOWS + opens Power Menu on a windows 10 machine. This secret menu bar on windows 10 helps you manage different settings on the operating system. Users can easily manage different settings through power menu.


In order to share content wirelessly or wired, This helps you. Remember that this shortcut won’t work on all the app on windows 10. As it works on those applications which support sharing.


For most keyboard lovers, Who doesn’t want to spend their time using a mouse, This shortcut is the perfect match for you. Upon clicking windows + I on keyboard opens settings. Make sure to have a try on this shortcut. This simple hack helps you open settings windows on windows 10 within no time.


This was basically Windows 8 shortcut key for Charms. Using this key opens Charm Bar on your operating system.


Windows + O shortcut key is used to open Lock Screen Orientation. This shortcut works only on selected devices. As this might not work on your Windows 10 machine and might work on your friends.


If you want to find something on windows screen, Then just click on Windows Button + F.This shortcut works fine on a browser. Make sure to use this shortcut on the chrome browser or any alternative.


The letter P here indicates project. Windows 10 supports screen projection feature. So to project or extend the screen all you need to do is use this shortcut. WINDOWS Button + P shortcut helps you project to the external screen.


You might encounter a plethora of situations where you need to lock the windows suddenly. So use windows button + l on the keyboard to lock the system. Make sure to have a look at this shortcut immediately and comment your impressions in the comments section below.


It is one of the oldest windows shortcut keys. This helps us to quickly access the desktop. This shortcut minimizes all the windows or apps running on the system. In simple words, this shortcut toggles between opened applications and desktop.


This keyboard shortcut works as similar to WINDOWS + D, But there is quite a difference between both. The shortcut WIN + D helps you access between opened apps and desktop. But this shortcut WIN + M minimizes all opened applications.


Few situations arise where you need to access taskbar from an opened application. Use Windows key + T to switch between them.


Opens Activity center. It helps you to turn ON and OFF wireless activities.

WIN + C 

Opens Cortana in voice mode.


To open run dialog box, Just use this shortcut keyboard key.


This shortcut helps you open search windows.

WIN + PrtSc

To take a screenshot on windows 10 use this shortcut key. All the screenshots taken are stored in a folder named as SCREENSHOTS inside Pictures.

WIN + Arrow Keys

Position all the apps to their respective side on the screen. Just play with this simple shortcut and have fun.

WIN + Numbers (1…10)

With default this shortcut launches application pinned to the taskbar at their respective numbers.

WIN + SpaceBar

Changes the input language. All you need to do is install different languages and can switch between them using Windows key + SpaceBar.

WIN + “+ Key & – Key”

Turns on magnifier & Turns off magnifier.

Windows key + Shift + Up arrow

Stretches the desktop window to the top and bottom of the screen.


Minimizes all opened apps, Except the currently active window.

Shortcuts using the Control key

Ctrl + Shift + Esc

Opens Task Manager. use this simple shortcut whenever your computer freezes.

Ctrl + Alt +Tab

Shows all the currently running applications.

Ctrl + C

Copies all the selected data and holds it up to the clipboard.

Ctrl + X

Copies all the selected data and holds it up to the clipboard.

Ctrl + V

Pastes/Moves all the selected data from the clipboard.

Ctrl + A

Selects all the content.

Ctrl + Z

Undoes the past action.

Ctrl + Y

Redoes the action

Ctrl + D

Delete the selected item and move it to the Recycle Bin.

Ctrl + Esc

Opens start menu.

Ctrl + Shift 

Switches the keyboard layout.

Ctrl + F4

Closes the active app or window.

Ctrl + Shift + V

pastes without formatting the text.

Ctrl + Shitft + N

Creates a new Folder.

Ctrl + Shift + E

Expand left navigation tree in Windows file explorer

Ctrl + Shift + App Icon

To open an application with administrator rights use this keyboard shortcut.

Shift + Delete

Deletes the selected items permanently without moving them to recycle bin.

Ctrl + Shift + N

Opens Incognito window. On the other side start a new mail.

Ctrl + Shift + Arrow Key 

To select text and rows of data.

In the end, These were the Entire List Of Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts. Hope you found this post useful. And make sure to share your impressions on this post in the comments section below. Do follow our blog rexoxer for more and more interesting tech guides. Don’t forget to share – your friends will thank you.

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Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 10


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