Edit or Mode Android App On pc
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Here we share the best possible methods to edit and mode an android application on your windows machine. With the help of command prompt and few tools, You can mode an android application on your computer.

Using this tweak one can easily mod an android applicaton and their own features into the app. If you know how to code then you can change the permissions of the android app and customize it in your own needs.

Modding an android application is not legal. This depends on the type of application you mode and under the policies of the app development company. So we warn you that this tutorial is for education purpose only. We do not take the risk of your illegal work.

Edit or Mode Android App On pc || Decompiler Modding

We got two best methods to mode an android application on a windows computer. So make sure to go through both the methods and move up with the best one suits your needs.

Method 1: 

Firstly you need to download the APK file of the app which you like to mod. So go ahead to some third party sites and download the “.APK” file to your computer. 

Now you have to change the file extension from “.apk to .zip” and then extract the content of the zip file to a specific folder. Now that, Surf the folders inside the unzipped files and there you can change all the images and replace them with your own images. Make sure that all the images you replace must be of same format and size.

Edit or Mode Android App On pc || Decompiler Modding

Using this method, You can change all the visibility of the Android application or the game. You can also change all the file permissions using this method. 

Once you have made all the necessary change to the files, Then you have to combine all the files and compress inorder to create a app. Once the compression process is complete you have to rename the file extension from “.zip to .apk“.

Method 2:

Now this method will be processed using command prompt. So before you’ve get into this method make sure you know some basics of command prompt and how to use it.

So get ready with the apk file of the app which you want to mode. And open command prompt (CMD) with administrator rights. In there give some commands to the current directory of the file. 

Here in my case, I have placed the apk file on desktop. SO i use the command “cd Desktop\apktool“.

Now download the bat file from this link and place it in the folder where your apk file is. I have placed this file inside the apktool folder on my desktop.

Then use the command “apktool d apkfilename“. Replace the apkfilename with the app which you want to mode. After hit on enter and the command prompt will extract all the files of the apk file.


Once the process is complete, All the programming files of the apk will be extracted to a folder with the app name of the apk file. Then you can open this file using Android Studio and can customize the android application. 

Wrapping up, This was all about decompiling apk on a windows machine. Though this is just a beginners guide make sure to make your own experiments and have fun. And I hope you leaned something new from this article. Do share your views in the comments section below.

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