Things To Keep In Mind While Buying a DSLR Camera
Things To Keep In Mind While Buying a DSLR Camera
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Before you get to buy a new DSLR, There are a few things which you need to consider. Here we share with you a few of them. This post is similar to DSLR Camera Buying Guide 2018.

Things To Keep In Mind While Buying a DSLR Camera

#1 Companies

The first and foremost top thing on our list to consider before buying a DSLR is its company. Though there are not many companies which manufacture DSLR cameras, You need to know which company provides most of it. Either its Sony, Canon, Nikon or Fuji?

But i prefer you to move with Canon or Nikon. It’s just because i personally used them. Here in this article’s case, I researched all the companies DLSR’s and compared their price ranges and specifications.

In which, Canon and Nikon raised on the top. So what you need to do is to fix a budget and compare Mega Pixels of all the available DSLR’s under your budget range. So make sure you get high resolution on a small budget.

#2 Sensor

The second thing to consider before buying a DSLR is its sensor. You might already know that a good DSLR cost too high. It because of the framing sensors. The more framing sensor it has the high it costs.

If you are under low budgets then i can suggest you move with crop sensor cameras.

#3 ISO Range

You might already be aware of ISO range, Aperture, Shutter speeds etc. But do you know that the best ISO range can help you get perfect shots in low light? ISO ranges can also help you take better videography too.

So make sure to compare ISO range. The high iso range a camera has, The better low light images and videos can be obtained.

#4 Proximity Sensor

We see this feature on our smartphones. In general, a Proximity Sensor is a reason to blank off the screen whenever we answer calls on our smartphones. The moment when you place your smartphone at your ear the next second it makes the screen off.

But a Proximity Sensor is not much mandatory in a camera unless it’s a touchscreen one. So if you are moving with a touchscreen DSLR then make sure to have a look at Proximity Sensor.

#5 Battery Life

Battery life is a must to consider. If you have compared a good camera with high specifications under your budget but has less battery life. Then make sure to purchase an extra battery for an emergency.

Most of the Sony camera comes with an extra battery upon purchase. So never neglect battery life of the camera. Always make sure you check the minimum battery life before you buy a DSLR.

#6 Video Quality

if you consider a DSLR for videography, Then make to move with high FPS one. Remember to check the standards of the camera. Either it records in HD, Full HD or in 4K modes. Its all because the high FPS a camera has, The better the slow-motion videos it can shoot.

#7 Microphone Jack

If you are an aspiring youtube or vlogger, Then make the DSLR has a prebuilt microphone jack. And move with a tilting screen one. These two features are must if you are a vlogger.

#8 Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi makes a DSLR to focus much better. If you move up with Wi-FI enabled DSLR then you can have a choice to focus better on your smartphone itself.

#9 Auto Focus

Yes, Even Auto Focus matters. Make sure to check the number of autofocus points in a DSLR. The more the points a camera has the high its focus on. Having a lot of f autofocus points makes you capture perfect action shots.

#10 Dual Pixel Auto Focus Technology

Most of the canon cameras come up with “Dual Pixel Auto Focus Technology“. Just think, If a camera cannot focus better that whats its use? A camera with better focus technology can improve the affection towards the camera.

There are plethora other points which you need to be aware of. But these above-mentioned points can make you purchase best DSLR. Hope you found this post useful. And make sure to share your impressions on this post in the comments section below. Do follow our blog rexoxer for more and more interesting tech guides. Don’t forget to share – your friends will thank you.

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