Don’t Worry For Unhealthy Hair – Follow These Simple Hair Care Tips for Beautiful Hairs

When it comes to caring for your hair every person will give you some other advice. Your friends or family members will tell you to put some oil in your hair while your hairdresser will guide you to go for natural hair treatments like hair spa, strengthening of hair via some modern western techniques which will cost you more money than ever. So why to worry? The very first step for hair treatment is getting the basics right.

Here is a list of 8 hair care tips that actually work for anyone to have beautiful and healthy hairs:-

  • You can go for Egg treatment: –

Eggs are rich in protein which is primarily responsible for hair production. Proteins are also building blocks of the body. Egg yolk contains lots of vitamins A and E, biotin and folate. These nutrients are required for hair growth. Also, eggs are iron-rich foods which are primarily responsible for hair growth. By applying egg yolk to the scalp, the roots of hair get stronger and are less prone to breakage and loss of hairs.

Dr. Francesca Fusco, an NYC dermatologist from New York says that in order to promote hair growth you need to feed the hair from inside. He insists especially to women to increase protein intake with foods like fish, beans, whole eggs, nuts, etc.

  • Comb wet hair properly: –

After hair wash or bathing wet hair becomes a little weak. If you comb your hair too harsh and forcefully push your hair knots then there is more chance that hair will break down. So try to be gentle when combing your wet hair. First, you can use your hand to make your symmetric so that there won’t be an issue when you are trying to comb your hair.

  • Stay away from excessive sun exposure: –

Due to excessive sun exposure, dirt and pollution and other impurities get collected on face and hair which causes damage to hair by weakening their roots and losing they shine, and then we go for shampoo or conditioning of hair. It is very important to get yourself protected from sunlight. This will have an advantage to your hair. You can also opt for various natural sun protection creams.

  • Go for only ayurvedic hair treatment products: –

This is because ayurvedic products can be trusted because it has no side effects and has been using by several people for more than 5000 years. There are several ayurvedic natural hair treatment products for healthy hair.

  • Avoid using hot water: –

Using hot water for hair washing is not good. This is because hot water reduces the essential oils and moisture from hair which can lead to dehydration of scalp causing frizziness of hair. So it is better to use cold water. Cold water helps to maintain hair moisture. It also closes the pores so that dirt and impurities cannot enter the scalp.

  • Start using baking soda therapy: –

Using baking soda can help in removing excess shampoo and oiliness which are collected by using styling product. Make a mixture of 3 tbsp of baking soda and some water. Wash your hair with this solution after applying shampoo. Leave for at least 5 minutes before the final wash.

What are the best natural hair care products for black hair available in India-

Lavender Patchouli Hair Cleanser: –

It is one of the best natural hair care products for healthy hair. It is made from different ayurvedic substances such as lavender, neem, hibiscus, etc. this ayurvedic substance is highly used in depression, insomnia, nervousness, acne, joint pain, etc. It helps in reducing dryness and damaged hair, calming and hydrating hair scalp and restoring shining of hair. This product is provided by Kama Ayurveda.

Bio Musk Root for Intensive hair growth: –

It is a fresh nourishing treatment way for hair growth from Biotique. Made from ayurvedic substances it helps to renew scalp, adding strength to hair and promoting longer, thicker and stronger growth of hair. It is a combination of pure musk root, bael, and licorices which makes it a powerful product. To get better and faster results mix it with egg and then apply all over face and neck and leave for at least 30 minutes. Then apply shampoo and wash with water. Use once a week according to your requirement.

Hair Mask banana By The Body Shop:-

It is also one of the top most natural hair care products used for natural hair treatment. It is a combination of silicones and mineral oil and brazil nut oil. It provides intense nourishment of hair from root-to-tip and also provides instant shininess. It is 100 percent vegan and enriched with organic banana puree which contains lots of irons which is good for hair nourishment. To get better and faster results use once a week. First massage it all over into damp hair and leave for at least 10 minutes. Then wash properly and then use banana nourishing shampoo and conditioner.

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