Disk DeFragmentation Explained
Disk DeFragmentation Explained
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Here in this post, We gonna share all about Disk DeFragmentation in windows. What is it and how it works. Why do you need to defragment a disk under regular interval etc.Β 

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”Β Disk DeFragmentation Explained! | What Is Defragmentation in Windows “

DeFragmentation is a process which helps users to save files under proper path. So in a windows computer of any version, You have a HDD (Hard Drive Disk) installed of a specific capacity.

So de-fragmentation here helps to maintain the hard disk work under proper atmosphere. It makes hard disk perform faster, smoother and robustly.

Disk DeFragmentation Explained!  What Is Defragmentation in Windows
Disk DeFragmentation Explained!

How Does Defragmentation Improves The Speed?

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Now that you bought an new Hard Drive which is completely empty. Later-on you connect it to a computer and install an operating system. You’ve store games, music, videos and other important files on the hard disk or on its partitions.

We delete plethora files and download, save other files and data on the hard disk. Upon few months when you bought this new hard drive. All the files are stored in an sequential manner.

So the heck happens here is that, The HDD stores files in a sequential manner and when you delete a specific file, It gets deleted from this sequential path. The path get’s empty. This process is shown in the above image.

Then after when you store a huge file on the hard disk, Then our default operating system stores that huge file inside all the available empty spaces. When you access to that specific huge file, Then to READ that file Hard Drives head needs to move all around up and down.

How Does Defragmentation Improves The Speed
How Does Defragmentation Improves The Speed

So to access a file which is stored in un-sequential manners, The OS makes the hard drive’s head move all around making the performance of the disk slower and this also decreases the life-span of the hard drive.

Defragment Your Hard Drive

This is done with a single program files. So just imagine how often you’ve delete files from the disk? Yes we do a lot. This makes operating system and the hard drive’s interaction on a high load when we try to access those files.

To provide access to those files. The hard disk works under a high load to read and writes those files. and the circular disk inside the hard drive gets corrupted in few cases.

When you do not de-fragment the HDD since long time, You computer raises slow performance issues. To get the robust performance of your computer, One needs to defragment the disk in regular intervals.

So all you need to do is to arrange all the files under specific paths. Which makes hard drive to locate and easily provide read write access to those files.

Does Defrag Really help?

Disk DeFragmentation Explained!  What Is Defragmentation in Windows

Yes it does by making all the files located at a specific path. This makes hard disk to find files easily and provide read write access to the user. So in a short intervals like weekly you need to perform a disk defragmentation.

How to Defragment Your Hard Drive in Windows 10

Go to Cortana and search for Defragment and Optimize Drives and hit enter to open it. Then Select the partition of the drive and click on Analyse.Disk DeFragmentation Explained!  What Is Defragmentation in Windows

Once the process is successfully completed, Then click on Optimize to perform a defragmentation. Once the status is completed the Reboot your computer. Upon restart you can see a slight improve in the performance of the system.

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