Discover Delhi, The Gateway to India

Delhi, the capital of the country and gateway to this vast amalgam of cultures and traditions, is also the main epicenter of political power from British colonial times to the present, the old Delhi with its old buildings and temples passing through the new Delhi with A western and modern style, welcomes us with its bazaars and exquisite places to taste the best of gastronomy.

The city itself is a cultural melting pot that represents modern India located halfway between the colonial past, the “Old Delhi” and the future the “New Delhi”; It also represents the anteroom that connects the visitor with wonderful destinations within the country.

Where to stay in Delhi?

Delhi better said old Delhi  is a tourist destination par excellence, still dazzling even in the 21st century with its many palaces and monuments. We can find them from the very good and very expensive for those who can spend full hands    through more appropriate options our pockets to plan a budget.

We recommend you to search the reviews to see the best accommodation option you can search through social networks; Delhi is a total chaos in the old city but it has its charms, if you decide to stay nearby you can walk to many places of the tourist circuit, or if you love to browse you will be delighted with the many recesses that are hidden with the naked eye.

I want to fly there what is the best option?

Flying to India is an adventure; in itself the country is an immense melting pot of cultures that live in harmony.

Delhi is the gateway to this gigantic country, it has one of the airports with the highest volume of passengers in the world, in fact in 2018 it jumped from place 22 to place 16 among the airports with more passengers received.

Originally Palam Airport was renamed Indira Gandhi Airport in 1986 after being renovated with a new International terminal, leaving since then the old terminal (number 1) for domestic flights the terminal (number 2) destined exclusively for low-cost flights with terminal number 3 operating exclusively for the international market.

From and to there we can get airlines that cover routes to the 5 continents more regularly to Europe, Asia and the Middle East; however, we will also get flights with stopover to America, Africa and Oceania.

Indira Gandhi International Airport is only 23 kilometers away from the City , so in just 20 minutes we will be in Delhi; This has a free bus service that covers the route periodically.

What to visit in Delhi?

Everyone goes through Delhi to reach the Taj Mahal in Agra, however the old and the New Delhi have many tourist placesin the ancient city we will get relics of pre-colonial architecture such as Humayun’s tomb.

The favorite place for many tourists is the Sikh Gurdwara Bangla Sahib temple, a spectacular place built to keep the remains of a character highly revered for his humanitarian legacy.

Here I will tell you who that character was and how you can eat for free in Delhi when you visit the temple.

Another unmissable place is Chandni Chowk, perhaps the number one and most famous shopping area that starts near Red Fort. 

In New Delhi, another place to go is Connaught Place; Its Victorian airs offer us a bucolic experience of the colonial past of the city, the best time to go there is in the afternoon to have tea or enjoy some very cold beers.

The best time to visit Delhi

It is between the months of June and the beginning of November the time of the Indian monsoon here they call it monsoon it is a long-awaited time for all the people who live and work the land.

It represents the low season for tourism so if you like some adventure you can enjoy the trip and a little rain at an excellent price.

We can travel between the months of November to March because it is the dry season in the country, however Delhi is located to the north where the monsoon is more benign, December and January are the coldest months and April and June are the warmest.

To enjoy all the activities, sites and the best weather in Delhi it is best to travel between November and March where we will have the most pleasant weather, with a pleasant 30 degrees on average.

What, where and how much does it cost to eat in Delhi

One of the biggest secrets in Delhi is its exquisite food that ranges from the most traditional to the most contemporary; upon arrival at the airport we will get culinary proposals for all tastes, Chinese, Asian and Mediterranean international Asian food converge in the Indian capital.

When we walk along Chandni Chowk the main commercial avenue in Delhi we will find many hidden places among the chaotic commercial life.

On another trip walking through the hustle and bustle I came across a real hidden treasure near Jama Masjid (the Friday mosque) a place where I got the most exquisite sweets from India, they also prepared spectacular pita bread that still makes my mouth water.

How is transportation in Delhi

When we arrive at terminal 3 the international terminal –  we find several options to get to the city center; The number one option recommended by me is via subway , or called here express subway, it is an express subway line that will bring us closer to the city center in 15 min.

We also have the possibility of hiring a taxi, renting a car, taking any of the available bus lines or taking the train to other destinations through the express metro as it joins the airport with the nearest train station.

My preferred option has been, since it is in service, the open express metro from 4:45 am to 11:30 pm, however the most economical is to take the bus, if you need more independence to move around the city or others nearby destinations have the alternative of renting a car; there are numerous agencies available at the airport.

The offer of taxis varies with rates per kilometer traveled up to 25 INR.

There is also the option of hiring an Uber or another of the local competition in Ola from a fee of 150 INR from terminals 1 or 2, but we must take into account the congestion of city traffic.

Being already in the city and depending on our place of accommodation we can find interesting places to which we can walk; my personal recommendation is to hire one of the thousands of Rickshaws, it is important to agree the price before uploading as they can raise it a bit.

The other option is the famous green-yellow motorcycles, made for three passengers and without doors, are the well-known Indian Tuk-Tuk of the movie, so it will be an adventure so you should be aware.


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