Today, the desire to look good, have a proper image and bet on a healthy lifestyle have become a common goal. Therefore, more and more people are interested in attending the gym, a business that in recent years has been on the rise. Times change and technology advances by leaps and bounds. So if you have a gym, it is important that it is adapted to these changes. Nowadays not being on the internet is not existing, and that is valid for any type of business, including gyms.

With a good digital marketing strategy you can increase the income of your gym, get new clients and retain those you already have, making them attend classes more regularly. And this is not a matter of magic or luck, just planning and analysis. Therefore, we have compiled the 8 most important points when drawing up a solid and lasting digital marketing plan for your gym.


Having a visual, intuitive and well-structured web page is essential for customers who visit it to feel at ease. You can have from a simple website with the basic pages of services, company information and classes, to a more complete page, where the user can have his or her own customer profile, consult the hours of the directed classes and even consult his / her own Exercises table. Some gyms also use a video to show how to correctly perform each exercise on the board.

Another point to keep in mind is that the page in turn serves as information, especially for new customers. Invite them to register, offering them an ebook or interesting material to get their email and thus be able to send them personalized offers to their email. If you have time, you can also create a corporate blog. You can talk about the benefits of your main exercises or classes, how to stay fit to improve certain parts of the body or recommendations for a balanced diet … The options are almost endless, since the fitness sector is highly sought after by users on Google .


If we think of an athlete interested in finding a nearby gym, it is very likely that they use Google as the first option to do a search and find all the necessary information. So if we want to be there at the right time, we can create a Google Ads search campaign. With these types of ads, we can appear in the first four search results (if we have a lot of competition) and attract a very interested customer if we bid on the right keywords.

The trick to creating an effective Google Ads campaign is to bid on keywords where you see that the user shows a lot of interest. For example, if this user were very interested in joining a gym, they could search for information about prices and specific courses. A priori creating a campaign in Google Ads can be a little complicated if you do not have much training, since we must configure the bids, the words for which we have to appear, create the ads … However, it is worth having them to advertise these types of services, especially in the months of January and September, where there is a considerable increase in searches related to gyms.

The main benefit of this type of campaign for sports centers is that it allows them to reach their clients when they seek their services. In addition, it is a system that offers insured traffic from a certain investment regardless of the time and experience you have within the sector.


In general, it is important to have good SEO positioning, and the fitness sector was not going to be less. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a set of actions carried out on a web page with the aim of being among the top positions in search engines.

According to various studies (and data analyzed in clients), when a user performs a Google search, more than 75% of the clicks are taken by the first three results. Therefore, appearing in the first positions is essential to get traffic to our website and, in this case, that users know our business.

There is a lot of competition in Google in the gym sector, which is a challenge, easy to overcome by developing a good professional positioning strategy and adapted to the needs of your business. For that, it’s good to get in touch with the most reputable and reliable new york seo company to get help with your gym website SEO.


Just as a good website is essential, social networks are the ideal channel to promote our gym. We can have profiles in as many networks as we want but as long as it is done with criteria. That is, it is preferable to have a single channel and that it is well cared for, than to have profiles in many of them and that is neglected or directly abandoned.

Facebook, due to the number of registered users, and Instagram, due to its visual theme, are the best channels to promote our content. We can add photos with motivational phrases, training, explanation of exercises, and information from the gym itself. Make content like these and you will see the number of followers and reactions in your publications grow rapidly. Do not forget to put the logo of your gym on each of the photos you post and add hashtags so that the publications have more traffic and reach more potential customers.

In addition, in our networks we can promote the classes where the least users attend, in order to complete them and achieve greater benefits and reputation. Social networks are our allies and are a space that allows us to interact directly and closely with users. And this closeness is a point in our favor since we can generate a relationship of trust with users, in a sector in which personal treatment and motivation are essential. We can also create contests or giveaways to encourage people to follow us, or we can ask customers questions to learn about their concerns and improve our product or management. Without a doubt, a gym is an account to take advantage of on social networks, so use it to your advantage and increase the popularity of your sports center.


Google My Business is a tool with multiple advantages. On the one hand, it allows users to find your gym easily, achieving greater visibility in their search engine. In addition, it allows your business to appear on Google Maps, creating a tab with information about your business. And it will also improve the local SEO positioning of your website. It seems incredible, doesn’t it?

Well, the most incredible thing is that it is a free resource from Google and available to all businesses. This tool is key and today it is still the pending subject of many establishments, not only gyms. With Google My Business we will get our gym to appear in the local searches that users carry out daily looking for sports centers and, also, in the Google map so that people can easily locate us based on location.

In the tab of our gym we can include relevant information, such as images, addresses, hours, main services we offer, promotions and links to our website, among some other functionality. Another point to take into account is the evaluations or reviews that our clients leave about the gym. They will help other people to trust us.


Mobile use grows every year. In fact, according to studies, 97% of Spaniards use mobile phones as their preferred device to connect to the internet. Smartphones have overtaken computers as the first devices used to surf the net.

For this reason, when designing the website of our gym we should try to apply the philosophy of  Mobile First, that is, think first of all about the smallest device and then move on to the desktop device, and not the other way around. And this not only remains in the web environment: we must also think about mobile when we create advertisements both in Google Ads (SEM) and in social networks for gyms. There’s even the ability to create specially designed ads to be viewed on mobile devices.


After getting the client, it is time to build loyalty so that they can continue using our facilities and services. For this, email marketing campaigns are very useful to inform about offers or new services.

The key is to properly segment the contacts, to send the correct information to each type of client. Create lists depending on the type of client, if it is new or on the contrary, has been going to the gym for more than a year. Also classify them depending on the type of classes or exercises you do, since you can offer to try different activities according to your tastes. Try to create visually appealing emails, with good photographs and careful design, that takes your brand away from the classic image of “spam mail”.


If what you want is to generate more traffic to your gym’s website, and appear more easily in Google searches, you need to create a blog. In addition to serving to generate constant content on our website (which benefits the aforementioned SEO) it is a good way to communicate brand values ​​and talk about the activities we carry out. Therefore, we must not forget to include the creation of optimized and interesting content for our clients. In addition, writing original and creative articles on the blog will allow us to show the knowledge we have about the world of sports.

Some interesting ideas for the blog can be articles on healthy eating for certain exercise routines, tips to prevent injuries, benefits of specific activities, or tips for conducting competitions, among others. By performing keyword research, which is keyword research to see what users are looking for in Google, you can create articles that respond to those searches and, therefore, a priori interest your users more. If you also retain them, you will get regular visits to the web.

Digital marketing is something that we cannot ignore if we want our gym to get more customers and be more popular. Offering a transparent experience to consumers, regardless of the channel or device used, is essential in the current digital age. It does not matter if it is through a website, a mobile application, the company’s social networks, or an email marketing campaign.

More and more people are planning and searching for everything on the internet. Our duty is to stimulate your imagination with warm, comfortable, and enjoyable digital content. After all, that is precisely what they are looking for.

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