Developing a Career in Blockchain: A Blessing or a Boon?

Period: a degree won’t get you a job in the blockchain. During the past decade, this disruptive technology stole millions of hearts in the industry by presenting itself as a promising solution for the next generation’s most pressing problems. As a result, it received many influential endorsements from world-class industries, government leaders, entrepreneurs and stakeholders in acknowledgment of the technology’s unprecedented prowess.

It is a challenge to sort between the hype and the demand for blockchain professionals.  Keeping this in mind one needs to take up a measurable approach to come up with a solution in bridging the skill gap.

Blockchain is an immutable digital ledger that aims in improving trust amongst the network. As organizations keep growing digitally the demand for expert professionals in the blockchain is increasing exponentially. But are you making the best of your career in the IT profession today? The technology sector is a broad field where professionals in the technology domain will reap benefits in the coming future. The IT job market is a seller market right now.

In present times, almost all organizations have been disrupted by blockchain. By 2023, the blockchain technology market’s business value will be worth $3.1 trillion. It is also said that between late 2017 and 2018, there was a 400% rise in demand for blockchain engineers.

As you might have noticed, the center of attraction for most industries these days is blockchain technology. This has struck the headlines and is deemed as the “disruptive” technology typically known to alter life in the coming future.

As mentioned, blockchain is decentralized and immutable and the principles applied in this technology might not be alienated as it is predicted. Blockchain technology records data and information through blocks and the network involved in these transactions can keep their identity anonymous while they enjoy security transactional speed, accuracy, and reliability.

Grasp your blockchain career today

When looking to land a career in blockchain developer or engineer, there are certain skills that are expected from the candidate.

  • Web development

As an IT, professional, it is crucial for the individual to know web development. For an entry-level blockchain developer employers expect them to have experience in designing and decentralized applications. It is an added advantage if the candidate is well acquainted with front-end and back-end web development – this includes creating interactive graphical user interfaces for Dapps, request handling, and API handling.

  • Blockchain architecture

When getting into blockchain the candidate must have extensive understanding in blockchain, the way it functions and the architecture. One should be familiar with concepts such as consensus, DLT, and cryptographic hash functions, etc.

  • Cryptography

Most people use cryptography almost every day without even realizing how many messaging apps use encryption. It is a process of disguise and revealing, in simple terms it is encrypting and decrypting that takes place through complex mathematical structures. Information that is tired can only be viewed by recipients with the key code to open it.

  • Data structures

Solid understanding in data structures such as Merkle trees, Patricia trees, etc. is required as a blockchain developer. Blockchain makes use of data structures and cryptography to help build an immutable system that is secured.

  • Smart contracts development

Since the emergence of Ethereum, smart contracts have become an important factor. Currently, every blockchain is trying to incorporate the functions of smart contacts into businesses logic that can be applied in the blockchain. Therefore, professionals getting into this career path should have in-depth knowledge of smart contracts.

Currently, the blockchain labor market is tight and employers are facing a tough time hiring the right talent. As a result, many professionals are now upskilling themselves by taking up blockchain certifications. According to a study by Deloitte, it was clearly mentioned that aspirants should realize that earning just a degree will do no good for professionals looking to get into blockchain career.

If your aim is to hold an expertise in this field, then you must consider opting for blockchain certifications that will offer in detailed knowledge on the blockchain. A credible certification program will help develop your expertise in blockchain along with practical approach.

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