[DDOS-Explained] What is DDOS? How is it performed?
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DDOS – Distributed Denial Of Service Attack. DDOS is one of the simple hacks to take down a network. Most hacktivists like to perform this attack to take down a website. Here in this post, we will be discussing more DDOS – attacks.

What is DDOS?

As the attacks title reveals, The attack block restricts and denies the traffic requested by the user of the targeted website. The attack blocks all the genuine user’s requests done on to the targeted site. So what does this actually mean?

Answers here are too simple. DDOS attacks are done to restrict organic accesses to a website. Which means that the servers are highly loaded with bot traffic. So who does this?

Most of the Cyber Terrorists, Hacktivist etc make this done to take down their targeted website. Fully loaded with a BOT-Army, Their entire team together make an attack done.

[DDOS-Explained] What is DDOS? How is it performed?

[DDOS-Explained] What is DDOS? How is it performed?
Image Source: cloudflare

Another important thing to be noticed is that Your computers webcam, your smartphones, tablets or any other gadgets which can have internet access might become a botnet. This is simply done by the malware or any kinda virus which is already infected on your pc.

Another path of the infection is done by yourself by clicking invalid and spammy links, Visiting pirated or copyrighted websites etc. The malicious codes get injected into your browsers and spread it to the external devices connected to your computer.

The infected code can provide your device’s access to the hacker remotely. And on the perfect attack time, Your smart devices get involved in the attacks.

How does a DDOS Attack is performed?

Generally, All the websites are hosted on servers with specific limits. These limits here include having 10,000 server requests per second. Which means that the resources of the server can allow 10,000 people to surf the site in a second.

So the hacker researches all the resources of the server and starts the attack. The hacker along the with the bot army together sends millions and trillions of requests per second on to the targeted site.

Thus the server or the CPU/GPU resources of the site cannot handle those requests and makes it impossible to surf for organic visitors or users. Within no time the server gets crashed.

Types Of DDOS Attacks:

  • Protocol Attacks
  • Volume Based Attacks
  • Application Layer Attacks

Common DDOS Attack Types:

  • UDP Flood
  • ICMP (Ping) Flood
  • SYN Flood
  • Ping of Death
  • Slowloris
  • NTP Amplification
  • HTTP Flood
  • Zero-day DDoS Attacks

What are the motivations behind DDOS Attacks?

There are plenty of factors involved in these attacks. Few include extortion, blackmail, competitions, and hactivism etc. Some grey hat hackers perform this attack for fun. There are plethora hackers available in the dark markets to make an attack for a huge rate. Many businesses spend millions of dollars on buying resources and ethical hackers to tighten the security of their websites.

This was all about DDoS attack. Hope you found this post useful. Make sure to express your views in the comments section below. And do share this post with on your social wall too!.

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