Datally Google Adds More Features To Its Data Saver App
Datally Google Adds More Features To Its Data Saver App
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Released in November, Datally is mobile data saver application from Google. The app lets you save mobile data. The main concept of this app is to encourage prepaid mobile data users, Blocking apps from using data in the background. 

Tech giant now keeps an eye on the internet users through sim cards. To provide the best from basic internet plans, Google announced DATALLY a mobile data saving app which also notifies you nearest wifi hubs. Now Google adds plethora other features to the app. From setting daily usage limits to guest modes and a plethora other features have been added.

Datally: Google Adds More Features To Its Data Saver App

Google adds more and more controls to its data saving app which makes users use their mobile data on a straight path. The latest feature updated is Daily Limits. Through which users have access to control data usage on daily basis.

Datally: mobile data-saving & WiFi app by Google

This feature helps the user to have control over data consumption. Main for Indian telecom users where mobile data is provided under a daily limit.

The app also now provides insights of the data consumed by a specific app.

It helps us to have a look over those applications which we haven’t used for a long time. Apps which run in the background and consume data can be identified and removed.

Another best feature updated on Datally is Nearby Wi-Fi networks. Datally provides a map which reveals all the available Wi-Fi networks near your place.

So the app is specially designed for those users, Who aren’t on unlimited plans. With the latest update, Users can have access to restrict background running apps which consume data silently.

Though the work done by Datally can be done simpler with the default android settings. But Datally guides you better than the default one. So make sure to have a look at the app.

Features Of Datally


Permissions Required By Datally

● Phone
● Location
● VPN – Datally sets up a local Virtual Private Network


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