Comparison Between Two Leading OS: Android vs. iOS

Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS square measure operative systems used primarily in mobile technology, like smartphones and tablets. Android, that is Linux-based and partially open supply, is a lot of PC-like than iOS, therein its interface and basic options square measure typically a lot of customizable from prime to bottom. However, iOS uniform style parts square measure generally seen as being a lot of easy.

Comparison Between Two Leading OS: Android vs. iOS

You should opt for your smartphone and pill systems rigorously, as change from iOS to Android or the other way around would require you to shop for apps once more within the Google Play or Apple App Store. Moreover, you have to check this alternative for watching movies online for free. Android is currently the world’s most ordinarily used smartphone platform and is employed by many alternative phone makers.

Apps Available on iOS vs. Android

Android gets apps from Google Play, that presently has 600,000 apps obtainable, most of which can run on tablets. However, some Android devices, like the Kindle hearth, use separate app stores that have a smaller choice of apps obtainable. Several originally iOS-only apps square measure currently obtainable for mechanical man, together with Instagram and Pinterest, and Google’s a lot of open app-store means that different exclusive apps also are obtainable, together with Adobe Flash Player and Bit Torrent.

The Apple app store presently offers 700,000 apps, 250,000 of that square measure obtainable for the iPad. Most developers opt to develop games for iOS before they develop for Android. Since a recent update, the YouTube app has become unprocurable on iOS, however iOS still offers some exclusive apps, together with the favoured game eternity Blade and Twitter consumer Tweet bot.

The bottom line once comparison Google and Apple’s app stores are that almost all fashionable apps square measure obtainable for each platform. Except for tablets, there square measure a lot of apps designed specifically for the iPad whereas Android pill apps square measure typically scaled up versions of Android smartphone apps.


Both iOS associate degree Android square measure “vulnerable” to an exact quite privacy leak: an app put in on either platform will get a listing of all different apps put in on identical device. This suggests your calculator app will decide that you simply use kindling and relay that data back to its publisher, United Nations agency is then unengaged to use this data in no matter manner they opt for. In Nov 2014, Twitter declared that it’s currently pursuit the list of apps its users have put in on their phones. Twitter is much from being the sole company doing this.


An iPhone 6s handily beat a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in on speed take a look at that concerned gap many apps one by one, sport through a group of apps double. Identical set of apps were used for each devices. The iPhone was able to complete 2 laps in 1m21s whereas it took the Galaxy Note 2m4s to end identical task. The Samsung Galaxy Note seven boasts higher hardware specs and may be an abundant newer phone compared with the iPhone 6s.

However, it ought to be noted that the distinction may well be in however app publishers develop their apps for Android vs. iOS. Simply because identical apps square measure on each platforms doesn’t mean their internal workings square measure identical.


iOS and Android each use bit interfaces that have a great deal in common swiping, sound and pinch-and-zoom. Each operative systems boot to a home screen that is comparable to a pc desktop. Whereas associate degree iOS home screen solely contains rows of app icons, Android permits the employment of widgets that show auto-updating data like weather and email. The iOS computer programme options a dock wherever users will pin their most often used applications.

A status bar runs across the highest on each iOS and Android, providing data such the time, wireless fidelity or cell signal, and battery life; on mechanical man the standing bar conjointly shows the quantity of freshly received emails, messages and reminders.

A comparison of a number of the options of the coming mechanical man N (Nougat) and iOS ten is here. Android N highlights include:

  • split screen (even on phones that are not large)
  • display size setting to not solely rivet however conjointly zoom bent on build the foremost of the screen assets
  • customize that buttons/settings square measure obtainable within the fast settings launcher
  • Support for Google Daydream, a computer game platform

For an identical comparison of Android Lollipop and iOS 8, watch this video. Many alternative makers build mechanical man phones and that they typically embody some customization over the vanilla mechanical man expertise. E.g. HTC Sense or Samsung Touch Wiz. Relying upon your device and carrier, there could also be pre-installed apps that square measure bundled together with your mechanical man device.

Software upgrades

Although Google will update Android of times, some users could realize that they are doing not receive the updates on their phone, or maybe purchase phones with the noncurrent software package. Phone makers decide whether or not and once to supply software package upgrades. They’ll not provide associate degree upgrade to the newest version of Android for all the phones and tablets in their line of business. Even once associate degree upgrade is obtainable; it’s typically many months when the restructure of Android has been free.

This is one space wherever iOS users have a bonus. iOS upgrades square measure typically obtainable to any or all iOS devices. There may well be exceptions for devices older than 3 years, or surely options like Siri, that was obtainable for iPhone 4S users however not for older versions of iPhone. Apple cites hardware capability because the reason some older devices might not receive all new options in associate degree upgrade.

Voice Commands on Android vs. iOS

iOS uses Siri, a voice-based virtual assistant, to know and reply to each dictation also as spoken commands. Siri includes several options, like reading sports scores and standings, creating reservations at restaurants and finding picture showtimes at the native theater. You’ll be able to conjointly dictate texts and emails, schedule calendar events, and interface with automobile audio and navigation.

Android offers an identical assistant, Google Now that options the on top of skills, and will keep track of your calendar and provides verbal reminders once it’s time to go away. It permits for voice search and dictation.

Call options

Android permits the user to send one amongst a variety of self-composed texts as auto-replies once declining a decision.

iOS’s phone app has several skills; together with the flexibility to reply to a phone call with a canned text message rather than responsive, or to line an asking reminder. It conjointly encompasses a don’t Disturb mode.

Video Chat

Google Hangouts on Android can even be used for video chat, permitting users to speak over either 3G or Wi-Fi. iOS uses Face time, which might place video calls over each 3G and wireless fidelity. However, it solely permits users to speak with different Apple devices.


Apps like Google Maps, Waze and Bing square measure obtainable for each iOS and Android. Once Google frees its maps app for iOS in Gregorian calendar month 2012, the iOS version surpassed the version obtainable for Android in terms of options, style, and simple use. The Android version isn’t expected to remain behind. Apple’s own mapping app that is bundled with each iOS device was wide panned once it absolutely was launched with iOS 6.

Web Browsing

Android uses Google Chrome as its web-browser, whereas iOS uses campaign. Each web browsers square measure similar in quality and skills and Google Chrome is additionally obtainable for iOS. Campaign isn’t obtainable for Android.


Android permits users to log onto G Talk for immediate messages. iOS doesn’t provide a native thanks to chatting to non-Apple users. Users will message over Apple users mistreatment I Message or use apps from Google for G Talk and Microsoft for Skype.

UI style for Android vs. iOS 7

In on the far side Flat, Seat Geek founder Jack Groetzinger outlines a great deal of the variations in however Android and iOS approach their style aesthetic and what it means that for app developers. As an example,

Intents: Intents on Android permits applications to flexibly interoperate with one another. As an example, apps will “register” themselves as capable of sharing that permits the user to share mistreatment this app from the other app.

The Action Bar of Navigation Bar: The navbar in iOS is typically simply a Back button linking to the previous screen. In Android, the navigation bar typically has many action buttons.

Buttons: Android buttons square measure typically monochromatic, with a bent towards mistreatment icon once potential. The quality iOS seven-button is obvious monochromatic text with no background or border.         Once iOS 7 will use button borders, they have an inclination to be quite straightforward.


Android’s applications square measure isolated from the remainder of the system’s resources, unless a user specifically grants associate degree application access to different options. This makes the system less susceptible to bugs; however, developer confusion means several apps provoke uncalled-for permissions. the foremost widespread malware on Android is one wherever text messages square measure sent to premium-rate numbers while not the data of the user, and therefore the causation of non-public data to unauthorized third parties.

In the globe, the protection of associate degree Android or iOS device is simply nearly as good because the software package updates that are applied to that. This is often wherever iOS shines due to the fragmented nature of the Android system. Apple releases software package updates and makes them obtainable to any or all iOS devices at the identical time. Just about all makers do a poor job at this. Most do not unleash patches to devices older than 12-18 months. Even after they do, these security updates square measure extended months when Nexus devices receive them.

So a security-conscious individual or company ought to use either iOS or Nexus devices.

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