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How many of you monitor kids’ social media activity? Are your kids safe on social media, or are they the culprit behind notorious activities? If you do not have the answer to these questions, then you are definitely on the right page.

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Why Do Kids Love the Idea of Social Media?

Social media is an integral part of our society. We are connected with our friends and families because of social media platforms like Facebook. All of us are accustomed to document our lives online by adding posts, pictures, videos, and whatnot, to showcase our achievements and share the joy with our extended social media family.

Social media is a platform that allows us to create, publish, and share posts, pictures, and information with others.

Kids, especially teenagers, are incredibly obsessed with social media sites. They find it the most affordable ad easiest way to stay connected to friends and new trends. Before social media’s existence, kids preferred calling their friends or meet in schools or parks in person. With sites like Instagram and Snapchat in the picture, they enjoy the same conversations in a more creative and secretive way (believe it or not, these channels are the best way to get away from parents’ sight).

Negative aspects of social media have overshadowed the positive attributes. So, without further ado, let’s take a glance at the pros and cons of Social media on children.


Positives of Social Networking

  •   Communicate with friends and family abroad
  •   Improve social skills and networking
  •   Present ideas and opinions to a broader spectrum of audience
  •   More opportunities for entertainment
  •   Improves communication skills and self-esteem
  •   Keeps you up-to-date with current trends and news
  •   Great platform for conducting surveys or collection of mass information.

Negatives of Social Networking 

  •   Victims or Participants of Cyberbullying
  •   Impact of family relations and social relationships
  •   Face discouragement or disappointment caused by FOMO
  •   Exposure to Adult or sexual content
  •   Impact on careers caused by negative online footprint
  •   Inviting hackers and Frauds
  •   Withdrawal from physical activities

How to combat Social Media obsession in Kids?

With the internet getting accessible and affordable, messaging apps like WhatsApp offer kids and teens a platform to chit chat regularly. Moreover, it saves the time spent on a long call. Besides chatting, the most dangerous action that kids perform is conversing with strangers.

Did you know that half of the teens regret what they post online? And getting a job was not challenging enough, that 8 % of the residents in the USA, ages 16 – 34, were turned down by recruiters only because of their unpolished and unsuitable social media profile. Such is the sad state of kids in today’s generation.

The best way to fight the battle of social media addiction is by implementing the best in class- Bit Guardian Parental Control App.

Why should one use Bit Guardian Parental Control App?

Whatever kids perform in excess is unhealthy for them. Even too much water can be harmful. Keeping this fact in mind, imagine what social media exposure does to kids?

So, here are some ready solutions for parents to curtail prolonged exposure to social media apps:

  •   App Blocker– Without wasting your kids and your time on shouting at them, simply restrict content by blocking the undesirable apps like Snapchat, Instagram, etc. Unless they come of age and are responsible enough to use it independently, it is recommended to ban access to such sites.
  •   App Install Blocker– Prohibit installation of new apps on your kids’ device. Install Blocker ensures the kid installs no application without a parent’s permission. Often, kids download apps like Poof, which helps them in hiding other A-rated apps.
  •   Kiosk Mode– Bit Guardian Parental Control app has come with a fantastic innovation to control kids’ phone through a phone launcher. Parents have the authority to decide which apps will be available with kids.
  •  Time Schedule– One of the most unique yet widely appreciated features is screen time control. Once applied, you can deactivate the device for several hours in the day, or you can restrict screen time on a specific category of apps like Social Media and Gaming.

While there are hundreds of solutions to get rid of social media, Bit Guardian Parental Control app suggests parents not to be stringent in eliminating social networking completely from kid’s life. Instead, take a softer approach to encourage moderate use of it.

Monitor kids’ social media activity using a powerful parental control app while you also teach kids’ online ethics.


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