Use Google Chrome Extensions On Android Phone Without Root ?
Use Google Chrome Extensions On Android Phone Without Root ?
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With the default, Most of the android users use Google Chrome Browser on their smartphone. But this mobile version of Chrome does not support web apps or extensions. Though this feature is available on Firefox. Here in this tutorial, We share with you the best tweak to install chrome add-ons on android.

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Use Google Chrome Extension or Add-On In Android Phone Without Root ?

You might encounter plethora situations where you need to install Chrome extensions on android. With the default, The mobile version of chrome browser does not support it. For blocking ads or to send Do not track requests to the web pages you surf.

Earlier people used to install web-apps through the mobile version of chrome to the desktop version. This was done by signing into the same account of the desktop version.

Now users of chrome are eager to use add-ons and web-apps on the mobile version of chrome. This helps solve plethora issues and improves the mobile experience while surfing web-pages.

Now that chrome does not officially support to install web apps to the mobile version of chrome. But I’ve got you a simpler tweak.

We brought you an alternate browser to chrome which allows us to install all the apps from Chrome Store to mobile.

Yandex Browser

Based on chromium, Yandex is another open source application developed and maintained by a Russian company YANDEX.

Go ahead and download this browser on your Android from this safe link.

How to Install a Chrome Extension’s On My Android Phone

Once you downloaded the browser to your device it’s now time to install web apps to the browser. Follow the below steps to know how to install Chrome web-apps and add-ons to the Yandex Browser.

Step1 Once you completed the installation process. Open Yandex Browser on your smartphone. Then go ahead and search for Chrome Web Store & Open it.

Use Google Chrome Extensions On Android Phone Without Root ?
Use Google Chrome Extensions On Android Phone Without Root ?

Step2 Then Click on Visit Chrome Web Store. Then search for the extension which you want to use on your android smartphone. Once you complete the search, Then you can see the option Add To Chrome button and just click on it.

The addon will be installed on the Yandex browser. Then you can access chrome extensions within the Android smartphone or other devices. In the same process, one can add as many extension they want to.

You can check the installed extensions and web apps under settings > extensions. In there under the “From Other Sources“, you can find all the installed extensions.

So this is how one can easily use web apps and another chrome extension on android device. Apart from the usage and stats, Security is the main concern to be considered here.

It is all unknown, That the data collected by this browser. Hope you found this post useful. And make sure to share your impressions on this post in the comments section below. Do follow our blog techFlout for more and more interesting tech guides. Don’t forget to share – your friends will thank you.

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